Jared C. Balogh – Bass Bliss

Artist: Jared c. Balogh
Title: Bass Bliss
Cat: Siro731
Keywords: avant-garde, jazz, electronic,
label: http://sirona-records.com/
Words & Poem by: just a Dude

If you had been coming over here for the last two days in the hope to read a new review than you might possible be very disappointed, scared to death or just slightly nervous when seeing no updates whatsoever appear on the world view that is yeah I Know It Sucks.

Sucky enough, the gate keeper that normally connects the portal of the internet with our madness seemed to have unfortunate problems. A whole team of paramedics have been on the case, but after two data of mouth on mouth and breast massage, the gatekeeper surely seemed to have lost his life for the unfortunate good cause of connecting us to you.

All our writers have been seriously spooked out by this happening and most of the team is now in internet addiction therapy to control their fears and panic attacks. In the meantime no back work was worked upon and no new mails have been read or opened. It was back to the caveman time for the team of Yeah I Know It Sucks, writing some reviews in stones with a hammer and a rock but nothing worth mentioning.

As you can read this; it looks like someone else has been successful to reconnect us to the World Wide Web. Fingers crossed if this line will be stable enough to feed some new reviews through it, but in case not; please be aware of our A to Z with previous written advisory for music to eat with your ears and of course ; our apologies’. We know it sucks..

To lighten up the case of being unable to reach you, might it be an appropriate time to present you a piece of poetry written about a free downloadable release by Jarod C Balrogh? Well, I think it is a good moment as it’s better to have something than nothing, although this poem sucks quite hard..

Jared c. Balogh brings us joy and peace,
With a fresh and free netrelease.

He inserts his love for bass,
Donates his flow of bliss.
Squirts it all over your face,
Thank The Lord it isn’t piss.

Blow up speakers / get them fried,
Jared c. balrogh hits the drums.
Don’t ever lose your appetite,
Bliss attack until he cums.

Eat the funk with your ears.
Absorb it all / don’t let it pass,
Let it move you to tears.
Feel that bass in your ass.

Open up and don’t be a goof,
as Jarod C Balrogh does the funk.
Dance some stuff / make a move,
Be ready for his groovy spunk.

All that drums / all that base,
This grooving stuff is the shit.
Gets you blurred / in a daze
Feel it in your cl*t.

Swallow all that jazz,
As the music is a ride.
On top of the class,
Be high as a kite.

Sausage swing on this stuff,
Let’s dance, freak and chill.
Pump you up / huff and puff,
Feel a true bliss over-kill.

Hang out and absorb the tunes,
Before The music gets too out of hand.
Roll up and smoke some fumes,
Elect Jared c. Balrogh for president.

With him everything goes well.
Perfect size / not too long,
Someone might hit a cow-bell.
Or play the ding dong.

Enjoy the bass, drums and the bliss,
Download the lot for free.
Get all these tracks of his,
And get crazy like me.

Enjoy the mellow melodies,
Free the free music / download now,
This is not a new disease;
Feel the Heath & inhale the wow.

You just have to click the link,
And a good bliss will come.
Embrace your new music kink,
The best thing under the sun.

This poem wasn’t very good,
As it was written by;
just a Dude.


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