none-existing artist – none-existing title

Artist: none-existing artist
Title: none-existing title
Cat: none-existing
Keywords: none-existing
Label: none-existing label
Reviewer: I exist

The none-existing artist latest none-existing release has been released on a none-existing record label. The none-existing music contains unlike most existing records simply none-existing tracks with unpretentious none-existing instruments.

Each time my existing ears hear this none-existing album by the none-existing artist, I feel like listening to nothing. The ‘nothing’ is background stuff that exists like the sound of a radiator, a fridge, microwave etc. The none-existing music by the none-existing artist simply makes you aware of all the things that do exist outside the none-existing music that you can find on this none-existing album.

If you have an appetite for this none-existing release, you really should check it out at this none-existing link:

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1 Response to none-existing artist – none-existing title

  1. Linda says:

    I’d like to compliment this review with a non-existing comment. The inaudible beep in my ears over the past weekend seem to be caused by a non-existent supply of magnesium in my non-existent being. And I thought it was the non-existent release!

    One side note: the non-existing religious music from my downstairs neighbor got quite repetitive and seems to start sooner and sooner while the sun comes up later and later. I think there exists no explanation for this, but that was left out of the non-existing credits.

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