Frontcore – One Of Us

Artist: Frontcore
Title: One Of Us
Cat: DLR106
Keywords: grind core, cybergrind, hardcore, digital hardcore
label: Deep Lake Records

One of us’ is a track name for a track by Frontcore. There are seven of them, but which one of them is the real ‘One of Us’? After a little introduction the seven ‘one of us’ tracks one by one represent themselves. All are kick ass, all speeding multiple stab-wounds in the air and all have the potentially high energy inflicter that might indicate that the sound of ‘one of us’ is like a potent protein slapping the listeners around as if we are a beach ball in need for a bat with a spike nailed into it.

Who’s the ‘one of us’ that kicks ass the most? It is hard to say and difficult to tell as all the ‘one of us’ friends are all standing strong while doing martial arts boosting morals up for the greater goods.

The first ‘one of us’ is very speedy, rushing beats , guitar riffs like a caffeine addicted metal head on fire through the ears. But the second ‘one if us’ throws in a symphonic chimpanzee who takes up the charismatic leadership of a screaming front-man while the highway to heart attack is being explored with a feeling of flying on top if the potentially dangerously good active speedcore punk cyber grind whatever core! I feel like erasing grindcore from the keywords as this is so much more than that.

The third ‘one of us’ is like digital hardcore meet experimental guitar meltdown while sticking middle fingers into places you didn’t even know could be fingered! But what about the fifth ‘One of us’? The whole concept of awesome beat speed programming gets a new glow of energetic cleaning with added chiptune flavors for the super pixel punk fans under us!

And the sixth ‘one of us’ is just as wild as a hungry tiger after snorting too much speed behind the willow tree. There are excellent breakdowns, but the massive rapid fast freak fest of quickness is what makes all these ‘one of us’ friends kicking ass the good way!

I’m especially fond of the seventh ‘one of us’ as it just seems to go next level style. It’s the intelligent punk that prevails here with a speedy cocktail of smart anger that you can feel rushing through the veins like a cannon that needs to run for the toilet! The last ‘one of us’ beings back the Chimpanzee and also adds some elements that I did not hear before.

Who is the real ‘one of us’ that kicks around feeding the ears a load of wild brewing energy? I guess they are all winners, all seven are ‘one’ of the ‘one of us’ making it a energetic speedy punk release that has the excellent empowering power to set actions in action and run over walls or even just through them!

Feel amazing, like a instant rush shooting through Charlie Sheen’s nose! Get energized and get these ‘one of us’ rushing in your system for the right effect. Have a blast:

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