Yorihisa Taura – Nocturne

artist: Yorihisa Taura
title: Nocturne
keywords: moving ambient music, experimental,
label: Econore http://www.econore.com/

When you listen to classical music of a certain kind, sometimes a moment reveals itself in the middle of a composition. A moment that you can feel in your stomach as it is one of beauty, one in which certain harmonious tones meet and some kind of connection with the listener and the actual music is established.

Mostly these moments are for me just a matter of seconds, but I’m sure some classical music fanatics would encounter these ‘moments’ much longer. But as just a regular user of the genre I’m stuck with a butterfly fishing-net trying to hold on to these quick and fragile moments of internal and external harmonics. Wouldn’t it be great to hear music that consists only of those moments that you feel connected to that kind of atmosphere of recognition and harmony?

I believe this ‘Nocturne’ release by ‘Yorihisa Taura’ is exactly that what I just wished for. An album that only consists of those precious moments and leaving all the left over luggage behind, making it an easy approachable journey that would make you feel like ‘ah that’s nice’ and ‘ooh that’s lovely’ all the time. Mind you that it isn’t perhaps classical music, but more in the realms of touching ambient that just sounds as those pure moments spotted in those classical music pieces; only stretched out to give a warm and fine glow of listeners pleasure.

Listen to this when you only want to hear the essence of things, to feel a breath of ambiance that is warm and friendly like sunlight shining on your body. It’s relaxing and calming and certainly keeps the endorphins flowing if your mind could appreciate special moments stretched out as one big special moment. Pretty, pretty!

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1 Response to Yorihisa Taura – Nocturne

  1. Linda says:

    I knew ambient music is relaxing, especially when it is said so on Yeah I Know It Sucks. But would never have expected it relaxes even more when you listen to it, after feeling upset caused by other people, and then read what the song is called and it deliciously lists “Rot off” and “Drop away”. Perhaps the artist never intended to give this kind of load on the songs; it could very well be just a nice description of the slow but necessary processes of deterioration in life. But boy, does that give me a heartwarming relief! :’-) Thank you Yorihisa Taura, for the beautiful music and naming of the songs. And the album artwork is astonishing!

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