suck. – untitled.

artist: suck.
title: untitled.
keywords: ???, electronic, experimental, industrial, ambient, bad dark ambient, noise, feedback, harsh noise,, lame, loser noise, noise ambient, power electronics, Alentown
reviewer: Simon Hit

It was only a question of time that Yeah I Know It Sucks would hear the untitled album by ‘suck’. There are 9 tracks to be explored and all might be described as experimental noise that have long (almost story-telling) titles. Song-titles that perhaps even take over the actual music content in its actual message. The first track ‘somebodys knocking on the door and theres voices on my tapes that arent mine‘ gives the recording that hides behind it a bit more depth than if it was just a untitled track for an untitled album. It’s noise but not of an alarming kind, more a experiment of a sound that gets molded and manipulated in a smooth way. Quite listenable which you can do when you go for it on a reasonable volume. It reminds me of something.. a bird.. a disability…

the track ‘what the fuck am i looking at oh yeah thats right its a mirror‘ also goes by without a shock or a rumble. Perhaps it’s also due to the fact of the tracks all being very short. This one just clocks in at 42 seconds and for some reason the title made me sniffle a bit, but the audio content was giving me the feeling of listening to a speech disable pigeon that wanted to say something.

Now I can’t get rid of this image of listening to a pigeon with a disability which gives the music to me a bit of a humorist feeling. The title of the third track doesn’t make it more serious, but its good proof that not all noise artist are worshiping some goat and are out there to kill your ears, but actually have some fine wit and humor too. ‘the best place to look at the stars is lying face down in the street ‘ is the track title, which needs no further explanation as content wise I still feel as if the pigeon wants to talk something but is now biting the gravel of the street instead of getting a understandable word out.

The story continues with ‘ i want this all to be over but nobody else seems to want to get up and leave’ and more disabled pigeon struggles.  Here I feel as if the disabled pigeon is crying a bit.. an emo disabled pigeon. ‘like that time we went and hungout except you didnt invite me because who are you‘ is another one of those intensive disabled emo pigeon works. It is the longest track on the release, keeping the pigeon at least boiling in its own sound for 2 minutes.

talking to you in my dreams about nothing i hope im in your dreams too‘ is probably a piece in which the disabled pigeon is attempting to invite itself to come and visit you in its dreams tonight.
And ‘thinking about going to bed but then realizing that if i went to bed id have to wake up again‘ is more disabled emo-pigeon at work.  The highlight for me personally is the track named ‘ the most important thing is that nobody got hurt too bad i already am’ which sounds a bit like a solo pigeon rave.. all spoken through the disabled pigeon language, so it might leave something up to the imagination.

And the fun ends with ‘it seems like everything in life comes to an end just as you start to enjoy it like come on whats up with that‘  which is (I believe) a personal high achievement of the disabled pigeon as here it actually manages to squeeze out what sounds like a few human words’.

Well what do you want me to say? Suck sucks, but it also sounds a bit like it takes the piss, which is actually a nice theme in the normally serious business of the noise world. You still want to hear suck’s untitled. ? than here is a link that might help you out:
(good luck with it!)

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