cheon kim – eat dogs drink cats

artist: cheon kim
title: eat dogs drink cats
keywords: experimental, electronic, psychedelic, industrial,
label: MAV [0kbps] Records

cheon kim comes from wherever he came and brings a delicious release through MAV [0kbps] records. It is called ‘eat dogs drink cats’ which perhaps doesn’t make much sense at first sight, but as the music is of the psychedelic kind; it might make sense when you listen and accept until nothing makes sense anymore. The first track ‘Willkommen’ is simply delicious. No jokes or puns as it is truly one of those instant tunes that you can’t really resist enjoying yourself too. The artist hints that its made with ‘synths, drum machine and samples’ but it is the psychedelic mind of the artist that makes this work into something you want to chop in too. Have a slice of this cake, so to speak. It’s not only of the psychedelic kind, but it is also uplifting and happy while still rocking a hard to get pose. In fact this track might cater a lot of different attitudes and individuals with different morals and ideas, all rocking out in the sexy electro space of this ‘Willkommen’ tune.

after Willkommen it is time to listen to the second track of a imaginary ‘side a’ of this release. This time it isn’t perhaps catering a large crowd of psychonauts and electro heads, although the music is still definitely made for trip purposes. It is more of a relaxed kind, a little bit avant-garde.. A soft stream of sound that makes me think of sitting alone outside in a summer evening. Everyone is asleep and a lovely piano mingles nicely in the background while electric night bugs sing their song of togetherness. As a lonely person within this relaxed state it is clear that this is a moment of spotting stars. Not the ones you can find in gossip magazines, but the ones that fly above when the sky is clear.. The music makes me believe to whiteness a falling star, but on second thought it might as well be a encounter with an ufo.

From here the imaginary side a is finished and its time for ‘side b’ to do its thing. The thirst track that indeed seems to do its thing is ‘Lautreamont, which is also listen material. There is a lot of things going on, nicely crafted, experimental sight seeing but than with the ears as eyes. There are melodies, some voices, strangeness.. I can’t be bothered to give you a list of internal sound organs that you can hear, but its a nice potpourri of things that goes extremely well inside the ears. The artist gives the hints that ‘synths, growls, plug, digital reverb bugs’ have been used and abused to get this creation out and about. You better not let this go unheard.

The other part of plan ‘b’ is another smooth experimental listening session. This time it comes across more human, perhaps because there is a voice that hangs around for extra smoothness. The track is named ‘the world means nothing to you’ which is a drastic title perhaps, but the music is more of a friendly gibberish kind. A little bit of a stoned jazz feeling which would suit stoners that can’t get their asses of the floor and just want something slow and easy going while still having enough balls to trip their heads off. Instruments used are a alto sax, fret lass bass and a guitar, but I’m sure there was also some kind of tranquilizer needed to produce this.

A nice trip release for listening. So if you have working ears, you would be able to go for it at the following link:

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