Master Margherita – Edmond

artist: Master Margherita
title: Edmond
keywords: drone, edmond, electronic, experimental, noise, soundtracks, tom jones, ambient, dubstep, progressive, psychedelic, techno, Switzerland

Master Margherita’s Ednond is one little EP that sounds as deep as a deep thought.
One that not goes simply upwards but more inwards, deeper and deeper through layers of depth.
The first track ‘Edmond (Transition 2) is such a exciting piece that it made my ears as close to the speakers as they could. The sound progression simply possessed me with its intensity.

Master Margherita isn’t called Master for nothing, as  this soundtrack is what professionals would call ‘masterful’. With both ears surrounded in this track, it felt like listening to a sound sculpture which was sculpted out of layers of underground depth, but without snails, bugs, and ringworms, Basically only the most depth-full sounds that are so deep that even the bottom of the deepest thoughts aren’t enough to understand them. Very awesome, and for my taste a bit too short as I would love to be ‘rolling in the deep’ depth in this side of ‘Edmond’ for at least a couple of hours..

Luckily the next sound work ‘Glena’ is not a baddy either. Perhaps not the deep depths are explored over here, but this surface of sound is nonetheless just as delightful. It’s a smooth surface, which seemingly slips away in a progression of ambient jazz. Very relaxing and repetitive and yet not a loop. It’s like listening to a smooth operator that’s soft and cuddle worthy. A good track for sipping a cup of tea and coffee while chipping away on your favorite biscuit.

THe last track here is ‘Intro’ which is (lucky for the depth lovers) also exploring the deep depths. This time it’s not as intensive perhaps as the favorite recommended ‘Edmond (transition 2) track, but it is more a soft and smooth slow slide down below. It’s the music that sounds like you need to be silent to fully capture it, so tell everyone around you (including the noisy neighbors) to be quiet as it will for sure intensifies your listening experience. Thumbs up and go down with the following link:

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4 Responses to Master Margherita – Edmond

  1. thank you for the lovely review ! go in depth 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    Thank you for the lovely release! It is waaaaaay too short; I had to play it 7 times in a row and it had me go through the weekend real good 🙂 Deep weekend, sans scuba :-/

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