Mauro Sambo – Presto (dicono) giungerà la neve…

artist: Mauro Sambo
title: Presto (dicono) giungerà la neve…
keywords: expérimental, avant-garde, improvisational, jazz, soundcollage
label: Plus Timbre
reviewer: Mark X

A brand new netlabel was born. I got a message from one of the proud conceiving parents and got invited to see the first audio movements of this little baby. It is one of those kids that already had hair on their heads and the look and feel was like it was already grown up.

The first words of music that I could hear came from an artist named Mauro Sambo. I had the honor to hold the first sounds coming out this netlabel in my hands and wiggled it a bit around. How cute! The music that its first release made was pretty. In fact i wanted to cradle the first sounds longer as to hear every minute of it.

The first tones are very smooth, something that you could forget that you are hearing something, but the second part was really charitable. Improvisational music made by real instruments is something that has a charm that you cannot really describe, but its warm, pleasant and kinda cute. I felt a bit like a grandmother squeezing the cheeks of this tracks, just out of pure appreciation.

But as the music felt so grownup, I felt it wouldn’t be polite to squeeze as who knows; the pretty captivating music might actually stop, which is the last thing on earth I wanted to happen. Towards the end the music became more excited, as if it had opened its eyes and was interacting with a silent cartoon playing away in the corner. It was only for a bit, as the little one seemed to suck its thumb revealing a end of perfect silence.

The third moment was really nice and smooth, a bit like a slumbering safari in which avant-garde paves the landscape and its animalistic inhabitants. It might swell be an industrial jungle, with lions using drillers, cockatoos on pan flutes, and a giraffe on a bongo. It is a shimmering piece, very dreamy and yet not made for you to go to sleep as its too exciting and wild. I kept it close to my chest and at times it wanted to suck on my nipple for milk. If I could I would be happy to donate to this track, but for natural reasons I whispered complimentary words to the young born instead. And without lying, it is really a nice track, very intriguing.. the first sounds are a most warm welcome into this crazy world of ours.

The little one didn’t suck its thump again and went to proceed to make more fresh sounds. This time it was more deep, perhaps the alto and tenor sax was shining through over here, but also the electronics that bring soft noises in full stereo are of a lovely kind. I felt like a proud uncle holding this track up and showing it around as if it was mine. … There is a great intensity captures here, a bit like watching a group of gorillas in the middle of the jungle hoping for them to do something weird, make some noise and do a trick with a banana.. Which in all patience; the gorilla always seems to do and even in this track the trick makes the soothing wait all worth it.

The last part might be the longest session of sweet improvisational music, but as it is so nice and active; time seems to fly by. The real instruments give a bit of a jazz flavor, but also the feeling of being near a lake with pink flamingo’s drinking a cafe late while enjoying the scenery. When a double bass comes in, the feeling changes and I feel like being in a jazz bar in Italy.

No more flamingo’s but nice furniture to chill out on. After a little espresso the music becomes more experimental, with more sounds like rattling, soft clatter and glitter. It’s as if the little one pretends us that we didn’t pay the bill and are now backstage in the Italian kitchen for some dish washing.
Luckily a deep sound comes and takes us away from the kitchen into the African savannas with friendly rattle snakes. The freshly born release makes some little burbs of warm bass before I gave it back to the proud parents for further nurturing.

Come and visit the new born over here as its pretty nice and already grown up for its age:

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