Sam and the Womp – Zeppelin (video)

samArtists: Sam and the Womp
Title: Zeppelin (video)
Keywords: makes you feel like a zeppelin

Happiness, joy, animals, trumpets, smiling faces, birthday and unbirthday parties. Oversized pants, no matching socks, eyes in your sockets, strong lemonade, fruitcakes, wiggling tails, glitter confetti and above all: good vibes!

Someone very special had carried this all in her ruck sack, occasionally throwing it out, filling up wherever it went with joy and fun before hopping back in the magic bag of colorful feel good collectables up into the next adventure.

From yellow lanes to corner shops, from sailor boats to locomotives, from local pub to secret gardens. Wherever the secret cocktail of happiness exposed itself; the love could be felt & the dark would lighten up like bubbles in a sparkling rainbow colored champagne!

It also appeared that the good vibes not only gave joy to wherever it went, but also took joy from seeing happiness in other animals and animal spirited personas. The natural cause of this ruck sack getting bigger and bigger until the blessed carrier that conceived this magic could no longer contain it..

The ruck sack exploded and all the contents from years of enjoying joy, happiness and fun started to throw a celebration party. The happiness started to swing, the joy danced like never danced before.

The animals wobbled and smiled on the funtastatic sparkling sound of trumpets, the smiling faces smiled like being in love , birthday and unbirthday parties danced side by side.

While oversized pants started dating shiny spandex, no matching socks walked and jumped all by themselves, the eyes in your sockets got big and turn around in circles of wonder, the strong lemonade passed itself around to the thirsty new friends.

The fruitcakes became fancy hats, wiggling tails wiggled like jumping ropes in which the wiggling tails jumped themselves, glitter confetti glittered like gold dust and above all: the good vibes enjoyed multiple orgasms in your ears, heart and cuckoo side of the brain!

That is, ladies and gentlemen:

❤ ❤ “Zeppelin” ❤ ❤

Are you ready to receive your joy?
Are you ready for a real celebration?
Are you ready for your unbirthday and birthday gift?
As this, animal lovers and animals..
is the just released video clip of Zeppelin: Boom!!

The ‘Zeppelin’ single will be availble pretty soon,
a good thing is to keep an eye out (while in your socket)  on their official facebook page:
or shitter account:

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