Blue Hands – Blue Hands

artist: Blue Hands
title: Blue Hands
keywords: electronic, experimental, ambient, bass, experimental, grunge, hardcore, metal, noise, operatic, rock, soft, spazz, trash, weird, Montreal
reviewer: Willem van O.

Blue Hands are in most cases a sign of being cold, perhaps a bit frozen. It might also be just a layer of blue paint, but in this case ‘Blue Hands’ is a name which is been used to make music under.
It is also the name of a self-titled release which is one that is quite intriguing. Who is this ‘Blue Hands” ?  The only thing that is clear is that the following persons are responsible for its sound: Alex Metcalfe, Isabella Davis & Paul Geldart. No additional real details can be found on the bandcamp page, it is recommended to just get to know them little by little through listening to the songs on this release. It isn’t a burden to listen too, its music that is original, experimental, but yet very listenable.

The first piece of information is a song name ‘She Lion’ which might apply that Blue Hands is a lion.
The music is very special; it is unlike anything I had heard. It’s like listening to a winterish tale of alternative doom pop with catchy hooks but done in a dramatic way, and indeed done in a bit of cold way. There are some elements of gothic rock in there, but also a bit of classical opera, black metal and electronica.. It’s in overall a very nice and interesting mix which really felt a bit like the music that would fit an image of black snowflakes stuck on a window pane.

In track 2 named ‘Fingernails’ another fairly original work comes out. The listener can hear the fingernails pressing in piano keys and ripping up textile while a pretty female voice haunts the top layers with extravagant sexy singing and howling. Towards the end a fine chop noise beat drops in and the whole tune becomes in a strange modern way; jazzy.

The next track is one for which a video clip is made. This might be a great opportunity for all of us (I mean you and me, dear reader.. ) to take a professional look at Blue Hands and absorb not only the audio but also the visual image which I can assure you is just as experimental as its classy ground breaking mix of music. No words can describe what you can see and hear with your own eyes and ears, so here is the music video of ‘Submerged’ :

Now that we have personally sniffed, looked , checked and heard ‘Blue Hands’ a little bit better, a moment of lowering the shields and humanity as ‘Blue Hands’ invites us as if we are silent peeking toms to the breakfast table. Hear no music can be found but an interesting conversation can be heard.

The track that follows is ‘Soon My Skin’ which is delicious in the weird factor, but also perhaps the most pop if that is applicable here. This track is a must hear, some epic awesome moments and music skills are inserted here which are a great showcase of open mindedness and professional weirdonism. The female voice sings together with a male one and everything music wise is top notch!

A little bit more lo-fi is a track named ‘Reliever’ which sounds nicely muffled with rattle rhythmic snippets decorating it up side-ways. A nicely crunchy guitar, teams up with the rest of the Blue Hands team and yet another epic ending of ice coolness can be enjoyed.

‘Follow’ is a bit more drowsy in its kind, even though there is a stepping rhytm going on that fits picking the ice with a stick; it comes across as sleepy material. Just go and seat yourself in a resting position, cover yourself with some snow as a blanket and let ‘Bleu Hands’ relax you.

After our little moment of relaxation ‘Blue Hands’ offers another look at the breakfast table. Or perhaps not so much a look, but more an ear to pick up another part of a private conversation.

Before thinking too much about it, the last track pops in which is probably the loudest, hardest and has also the most prominent memorable words in the lyrics. There is great action to be found, but also intimate moments.

There is no real conclusion at the end of this review as I honestly still have no clue about ‘Blue Hands’ the band or project. They are simply one of a kind that are not afraid to show their intimate parts and share some excellent refreshing music ideas within this self-titled release.
In a weird way it seems like listening to the spontaneous music made by friends who share a house somewhere in a snowy landscape. It is edgy, it is sweet, it is this and it is that. I don’t know what it is exactly but it is ‘Blue Hands’ and that’s what it is.
You can hear the release over at the following link:

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