various artists – The Big California Noise Compilation

Artist: various artists
title: The Big California Noise Compilation
keywords: alternative, west coast, compilation, experimental, misc. , noise, power electronics, sound art, Sacramento
label: Thee Instagon Foundation

When Lob, the curator of this compilation mailed with the request of hearing this collection of tracks representing a large (might it be complete?) representation of the noise scene in the American state of California, I thought ‘Yes!’ that would be an excellent opportunity to hear and discover a whole load of music in one go. The title of ‘The Big California Noise Compilation’ was not an over-reaction, as it is indeed big.. 143 tracks thick!
Of course only a mental person would be stupid enough to go for a track by track review,
but I thought to proof them wrong and do indeed that. So if you had wondered why the lack of other reviews… you can blame Lob and the Californian noise makers!
So yes.. 143 tracks.. all get a little bit of personal attention over here, so better say your life goodbye, download the compilation and perhaps read about all the tracks over here:

bzzzz crunch orelsestra – Flu Gel
A soft slow Macarena including castanets performed in a deep hollow stadium with no one inside. This is how I would describe this ‘flu gel’. It’s something that slides easy in and out the ears, making it probably the best lubricant for the awaiting group of California made parade of other tracks.

Hollywood Video Game Kill-Bot – Pain Of My Soul
This artist comes across familiar, probably made some appearance somewhere on our nifty platform of words. It’s good to know as the track here sounds nice and good content to share with anyone who has some affection to the experimental but also music side of this noise spectrum. In fact if you came here for getting your back waxed with harsh Californian noise, you might pick up a light gossip magazine; as this is pretty much skilled musicianship mixed with love for sound at work here. Sweet synthesis, lovely funk, a bit of jazz, some Kraftwerk, a sniff of a robot and a snuff of counting in a space costume.

Jack Hertz – String Phony
This compilation is lots of fun as it’s almost a bit like a seminar of experimental sound explorers from the state of California. A bit like a ‘who is who?’ Without giving a clue or an answer but with music as business and name cards. A better card doesn’t exist as nothing says something better than the music made by someone who presents itself. The thing is, there are many artists from California that I had never heard off but there are also some hard working world dominating ones that you should know and recognize if you have been sticking your head down the rabbit hole to see the surface of the underground. One of those recognizable names is ‘Jack Hertz’ , his track ‘string phony’ makes me think of playing with those eighties toys that can walk down the stairs. I don’t know how they are called, but they are I believe some round spirals that if you hold it close to your ear would make a similar sound as the one that Jack Hertz presents over here. It isn’t a string so it might as well be called a ‘phony’. Personally I do really like this track because it returned fond memories.

Enrich’d White – Cake Bet
Unlike Jack Hertz I had never heard of the artist responsible for the track ‘cake bet’. I wonder if the track title is about a bet about a cake (is it really made out of shit or is it chocolate?) or perhaps the title of a modern play like ‘Hamlet’ but now renamed as ‘Cake Bet’ or shall we say ‘Cake Mac Beth’? It might be better to say or write nothing.. But the ‘music’ becomes a bit louder compared to the precious heard works. Nothing too loud or extreme, but just a level up in the delicate sound manufacturing. I couldn’t say it blew my mind, but in the short time period that it played and did its thing; I felt quite content and awakened.

Jolthrower – Twice The Caffeine
Oh, this track! …
Yep, this is a sound artist at work over here as the subtle warmth coming from the crunched sound manipulation was very life enriching. This might be more noise than classical music, but it still felt like sipping and fine tasting a wine from a deliciously good year.

This work is very close to listening to a little punk parrot that attempts to emulate rock music by its mouth. You can see his green, yellow and red feathers squeaking and vibrating away with the music. Pretty nice, especially if you are into birds.

neeto – Yowza (edit)
The music in this track is what we professional reviewers call a ‘happy Flesh Gordon moment. A lively retro melody that would suit a classy claymation from the early days. Very cute and a nice surprise.

Syncope – Dark Speck Bobbing
Syncope seems to have brought in alternative background sounds for captain Kirks version of Startrek. It just misses the sound of the doors sliding open and close and the captain and crew talking some nonsense, but you as a listener can do those voices yourself.

Wires & Relays – Wires & Relays 22
Sounds coming out of electric cables, or wires? Someone pulling them, or sticking the fingers in the electric supply for a fitting new haircut. It’s the classical noise that is presented here, which is a bit like saying hi to an old mate steaming from the voltage running through its professional sound making body.

Colossal Arthritis – Bench Bench Bench
The same can be said about this little nifty sound friend. It’s the classic stuff, you have heard it before.. This style, I mean.. It’s like old times for noise lovers, zapping from black and white noise while smoking a very short cigar.

Mile 97 – Bumpy In Soulsville (II)
Mile 97 ‘a contribution is more timeless material, haunting noise ambient in a single soundscape that made me feel like leaving the lights on in the hallway; just in case it would at tracked some spirit flying around in bed sheets.

YAWN – False Metal
This ‘false metal’ might get metal fans their hopes up, but is indeed not really metal. It’s more a shimmering kind of ambience that would make you look like a fool if you wanted to head bang to it.

Meri St. Mary & Th’ Mole – Will U Miss Me
In the more crazy zones we can hear this funny little piece. It’s a bit like listening to WTF and FTW. I have no idea what is happening, but it makes me feel like it’s a band of chipmunks going for a noise show of fun.

Sssssss! – Gift Horse (edited)
Talking about bands.. This sssssss! Must be a band as it sounds like one you could hear slumbering in the night at a bar that serves drinks to dodgy customers. The songstress has a seasoned and strong voice and for some absurd reason I imagine her in a glitter dress on top of a piano smoking a long cigarette.

Collin McKelvey – Diis Refuge
This track is like imagining listening to dreamcatchers that actually do their task of catching dreams, and perhaps also some random nightmares. Not just a little breeze flying through the net, but actually a catch that sticks.

Chopstick – Apokrition
Talking about sticks, this track by ‘Chopstick’ is like a exploration of a single sound, manipulated for our joy and education. It goes for a nice buildup and a smooth ending.

Sheriff Ramb – Craigslist Dad
This track is very full, but yet only the necessary stuff is there for us to hear. It comes across as all kind of communication chatter, a intellectual showcase of strategic sound composing. It’s actually sounding like fun!

T.Firecracker Johnson – Personality Split
This track is one that has its base in music. Experimental as it is, the arrangement has something very cinematic, a bit like listening to the theme song of a pac-man figure making an appearance in a Starwars movie.

+DOG+ – Lempa
Flubber. This is noise-flubber. If you are into flubber, than you would love this track. More flubber than this is perhaps impossible.

Phog Masheeen – Larynx & Clock Bot
This work is a bit like bringing a new odd partner to meet the family. In this case the partner is a highhat that has to meet parents, nieces and nephews that are of a more noisier side. But luckily the family embraces the highhat and everyone seems to be happy and at ease about it.

Wizards ov Garage Jazz – In The Crimson Shadow (edited version)
Another band turns up, it brings fusion funk and it’s making me move like a elephant with swinging hips. It’s nice stuff, very animalistic and yet laid back.

Robert Rich – Frozen Day (Excerpt: Noon)
This work is rather nice. Think about smooth layer of fresh asphalt spread out like a melted cheese so it can be easier to be put in the ears.

Instagon – Boxcar 11:30
The track that occupies the 23th number is a bit like listening to a guitarist who is not yet warmed up (read: drunk enough) to get things started. A warm up that feels a bit like listening at the backstage before the rock hero goes on and performs.

Igor Amokian – SQXI spacescape BCmix
It’s here that the charismatic form of noise presents itself in a pleasant avantgarde way. Some sweet plunges, a bit of friendly noise and some crisps on the side.

Squirrellex – That May Have Happened To You
Than it’s time for a party of rhinos meeting a fine distorted crackle beat and a trumpet playing monkey. It’s funky fun: a bit like going to the zoo but than danceable.

Accidental Memories – Blakk Sun Descending, Lucifer Rising (Excerpt)
Strange flushes of alien sounds are being flushed away. Not through a toilet into the sewer system but more into a black hole into the great nothing of the galaxy.

Deletist – Stabat Mater Dolorosa, Quando Corpus Morietur
More space lasers can be found rattling and doing their things in this track over here. It has a nice shoot out before dragging us into weightlessness.

Punk As A Doornail – A Dark Conversation at an Indian Restaurant
The conversation captured in this track is not one of the talkative way but more happening between a shop bell and background music. There is a certain tension to be felt, but to be honest I’m not sure if it’s about love or if they have a slight calmly disgust argument.

Keith Irish – Progress vs Peace
Time to bring in some chains and cuff links. This track is strangely chique and yet creepy. It blends two worlds together, one of happy friendly madness of some kind of drunken socialite party and the other more of a creepy creep who steps around with iron chains in the basement.

Beast Nest – Reflector (edited)
A melody sometimes saves the day, and sometimes it is just a melody. The melody captured here is something in the middle, it sounds nice, a bit mythological, a bit fairytale like and also a bit weird. As if Kermit the frog is a prince playing his own flute in some swamp.

Dan Kletter – Fur Adina (1973-2013)
Ah nice, the artist provides the relief of a fine refreshing sound shower. Good temperature, not too much pressure and not too steamy. A moment well spend.

Alphastare – Next Time
Water drip sounds, nature sounds, people sounds.. Sound sounds. Sounds.

Flesh Vomit – As Hell Bleeds Through
Harsh noise for the hungry masses. Break it in two and chew it down with taste. It’s a small one, but enough flavor of stones and cement to get its job done.

Hex Horizontal – Stuck Pig
‘Stuck Pig’ , eh? It’s more like a chicken farm with electronic chicken coockeldoodeling away while they pretend t be a band. They cluck away, hop on the drumkit and perform a ridiculously fun tune!

Frank Moore’s Shaman’s Den Jam – Excerpt
This track is rather interesting, a fine experimental audio collage that made me see rats running behind corners while making the rat sounds that they do. Strange talking, a broken piano, strings are brushed and much, much more is happening than can be identified.

Devin Sarno – Her Infinite Regret
This is also a sound collage or perhaps more a collage of what they call fieldrecordings. It is a slow pace, more presenting the snippets with the intention to be absorbed easily. It’s a nice nifty little track that goes by quicker than quick.

Forbidden Colors – The Valley Of Dry Bones
A little crunchy here and a bit crunchy there. This track got a good flow, rhythmic psychopath noise that looks like it is made with the help of a voice, a microphone and a mental meltdown.

Billy Tsounis – Barnyard Zombie Code
Softly eccentric children toys that make sounds are unscrewed, the mechanics altered and than screwed back together. The result is a fine track of circuit bent weirdness.

Wronger – Weird, Huh?
This one makes me believe that we are outside on a market place. The goods are clown whistles, industrial helmets, miniature robot arms and oil to oil them. It’s pretty weird, but for some reason it also sounds like the place you want to be.

GX Jupitter-Larsen – Anti-Time
Clocks tick and that’s what ticking clocks do. The ticking of the clock here is the actual groove of the tune. Another sound wiggles along and around it, making it into a psychedelic danceable happening. Pretty and hypnotic!

Gna\\^//inG – Enjoining
A beat, a real drumkit, a raw feeling of a wild guitarist, a voice.. A strange tight wonkiness and a weird break before tumbling into a oddity of a experimental rock punk weirdo track. Original stuff is what this is.

Mothcake – Jankylaser
Squirting out liquids through a small hole at different sizes of the opening. I don’t know what it is, but it sounds quite nice. A bit like a parrot chatting but than again more like a form of sweet noise diarrhea that softly ends up in underwear. Can’t complain!

Jessica King – Starting Point
This track is a bit vague. Perhaps would be great material for an art exhibition or something. A little voice says something on repeat and I’m looking for the sign to find a toilet.

AMK – Testor Ice
This is not the sound of a toilet, but this actually sound pretty much like prettiness. A nice sound that you want to inhale, but yet goes away so quickly.

God’s Lovely Asteroid – Object of My Affection
This work is also pretty. Soft sweet friendly hypnotic rhytmic noises that meet with warmth and a certain vibe that makes me wish for butterflies and friendly fairytale creatures to pop up out of the music.

Mason Jones – Stubborn Stain
Guitar madness that seems to try to communicate as if it is a chicken or a goose or some other birdlike animals. It might be a turkey, ready for Christmas.

Cthtr – Fraggle Shock
Happy to hear some grindcore, or at least something pop worthy. A beat, sounds, a structure of pop with a voice singing.. All of course vaporized in a weird layer of experimental Lo-fi strangeness. Crazy is good and good is fun!

Nimajeb – Abrasion
Noise. The final frontier. These are the noises of the enterprise of a noise maker. It’s a nice combination of electric voltage and analogue ripping up pages.

/theNOTHING\ – Concerto De La Mortis (edited version)
This is something you will hear when on high on peyote. I feel like we are in a desert and a band is tripping their heads off while trying to perform their latest space hit. It’s all recorded for our entertainment and I must admit; it’s intriguing material.

Furschitzen Giggles – Ballad of the Red Menace
A rhythmic track of groove, noised up but deliciously Lo-fi. It makes me happy and so don’t know why. I’ll give it three thumbs up!

M(69)n – Deathmirth, Learn Ye, Learn
A reoccurring theme in the scene is something that sounds like haunting noise. Here it also shines through and for such a short track it kept a great impact into the suspension centers of the sound loving brain.

Mannlicher Carcano – Hyperactive Agency Detection (MCRH20140621)
A bit more cartoonish, a blending mix of sounds that are coming across as coming from someone with a sense of humor. A nice delay effect in which the stuff seems to be thrown in. You can hear the sound maker enjoying and if you listen carefully; you can hear your reviewer enjoying himself too.

M15H4P – Hesperia Is Boring
I believe this must be the cartoon section of the California noise site. I feel like being gassed by an overdose of stimulating Hannah Barbara cartoons that are pulled in by their horns, hovered up and then cursed by an angry demon.

Koobaatoo Asparagus – Vato Loco With A Chain Saw
Strange industrial sounds are brought in for a orgasmic taste and smell. Very nice and organic… Well, it’s strangely weird, but I love how it all builds up and manages to fill up the short amount of time with giving simply everything that it potentially got inside. Impressive stuffs.

CJ Borosque – Excerpt from Animal Telepathy Vol. 1-recorded live at NorCal NF07
This animal therapy feels as if it is not done to relax the animal, but more as if it’s hooked up to a machine that forces it to jump while little doses of oxygen are being blown into the tickle zones of armpits.

MakeFaces – Potat
This is fun; a phone rings a woman picks up and gets sucked in by an interesting noise demon. She loves it and giggles.

Endometrium Cuntplow – composition 121111B
Nasty high noise snowboards down on the rough layers of other screeching noise. It’s a ride that goes down the hill until a high tone tells the listener that the game is over.

Bentmonkeycage – Neighborz
A little bit strange, but like able and interesting at the same time is what happens in this track. From acid bubbles to gods praises and chopped manipulated guitar arrangements. It’s a weird mix but yet a good match.

Erik Sanchez – Her Favorite Cakes
Softly a roll of stone rolls down the imaginary hill. A local mountain restaurant is not aware of the upcoming danger. The plates and windows shake a little bit but the stone stopped and leaves the restaurant just as it was before our hint of action.

Minoy – Excerpt from “9 Pawbone Kisser Daylight Sins I” (1993)
A little whistle whistles repeatedly to function as some kind of pied piper. When you get hooked on it and follow it you will be vaporized like the other human sounds that doom up in this oddity of a track.

Botched Facelift – Simian Torturetron
The sound of creepy crawlers, slimy and dirty. They become aliens of a high tech order, or is it the sound of test lab rats that are doing experiments on human scientists?

Lance Grabmiller – Woggle
Sweet communicative beeps, friendly in shape and yet high in tone. An arrangement pops in for a bit: is this music or sound?’ Stockhausen would have asked.

Stolen Light – Scenes From A Family Vacation
A bombastic work that sounds a bit like snow falling down from the Antarctic, or perhaps a snowstorm. It’s refreshing enough to put on a woolen scarf.

Xyphosenphia – P P A & Quombines, Part 5
It’s the sound of excellence that is captured here. From things that might resemble a electric lawnmower to little wood pieces breaking through the ozone layer.

Daniel Lee Perry – FERGUSON 8-2014
This track is good for a funny dance of bewildering. You just keep on wondering what it is that this is music wise, but there aren’t any words for to hang it in some genre. This is truly experimental music and if you really want to know what I saw in my third eye when hearing this it might surprise you: cowboys laser fisting each other with slapstick bullets…

Kisama! – Interstellar Emperor Death King
A work that sounds a bit like the string section of an acclaimed orchestra that test out and warming up their instruments. Yep, everything works, no strings are broken and all strings are still attached.

HCrink – Twilight Of The Gods
Thanks to this track, I feel a bit like being in a nice small abandoned building, walking around with a bleeper in search for gold or other valuables.

Nemik Sound – Nonsense On Demand
A very good constructive sound college of beautiful sounds, perhaps not beauty in the original sense of the word; but to me as a sound lover; This is beauty. Very nice layers, nice sound. The a ruby ending could have been better with a fade out, but hey; nobody should complain as a fade out means less beauty to hear..

Goose – The Love Of God
This track is nice.. a bit punk or art or .. I don’t know. It’s a soundscape with a rapper softly in the mix but it’s voice is empowering while the sounds in itself is more of a calming kind. Big up to Goose!

The Silver Clitoris – Moroqit (imoxan’d)
This tune is funny to play when animal friends around. I kid you not; my dogs seemed to ignore all the other heard tracks, but this one their ears and eyes turned around in circles searching for answers to what the hell this was that we are listening here. It must be the high frequencies or something..

Worceracs – Inuksuk
Music that makes me feel like having rubber space boots, jumping up and down on the surface of a unknown planet, enjoying little weightlessness while avoiding a scary hellraiser laugh in the background.

Telecaves – Confluence
A moment of relaxing is what this is about. But not relaxing in the sleeping way, but more in the kind of relaxing while actively listening to some relaxing atmosphere.

Estes – A Stabbed Foot At Mean Creek
This track comes across as someone making something on the spot. Hooking up a f#cked up machine and twisting knobs, pissing on it and turning more buttons and see what happens..

Corroded Master – Pronounced Defect
Always good is a nice and busy noise escape that is loud. Has high frequencies that might ring around in the ears a bit, but also had this crunchy feeling every noise lover has a passion for. A good valentine’s gift!

Deadly Nightshade – Sub Arachnoid Cyst
The sound that happens outside when everyone suppose to be at sleep. Some tommy knocker knocking on the door, cats mate on the fence and some alien come and press some buzzer; everyone is happy.

Christopher Fantasy – Escarpment Trail (edit)
Lonely footsteps go for a walk while a comfortable easy going melody tries to make contact with extraterrestrial musical lovers. I think it works, which means the strangers might give immigration officers some more paperwork soon.

The Song Cycle – 4-Channel Painting
A bit soft, a sniff of scenery.. This is a strange one, it comes across as a fieldrecording with birds and stuff but instead of it being a nice friendly place it comes to me across as if it’s the sound of a fever in which the Heath is so high that hallucinations are ready to torment you with slight nightmares.

Bobby London – Crutch
Grab a bit of chest hair and hold on tight. It doesn’t have to be your own chest hair, so everyone can join in this short little noise bump.
Noisepsalm – 528Hz (edit)
This track needs you to put up the volume as what is captured here is quite lovely, but also fragile. Sweet warm high tones that makes me feel like a peterpan flying out if the window in stardust bliss.

dimleaffall – blown-out-tape-machine-like-our-guts-intertwining
Quite frankly this is the best silence that my ears have ever heard. There is some sound, but it’s the silence that got me hyped up over here: what a beauty!

The Tulpa Effect – An Ordinary Commute
Chilling and pilling, the artist whistles a song of laidbackness while going for a nice friendly noise and sound exploration. The sounds are progressed and transformed like a good wine into a fine jug of healthy urine.

Derek Scott – Droid Virus #5
This Droid virus is preferable than the mad cow, Ebola and the chicken pox.. It sounds like it turned everyone into a lovely glitchy arcade machine. Time for some glitchy space invaders.

Callow – Philosophy
My honest first impression; what a shit. It’s like some country singer or something. A bit of a lost individual that had listened too much to the carpenters and got drunk and ended up on a noise compilation? It’s not bad, it just felt a bit out of place.

Chapters/Raepusbarabas(LIVE) – the hands that touch/ Will always runaway
The music in this track suggest a psychopath at work, slaughtering turkeys while screaning loudly in a beepy microphone. Bloody dinner will be tasting good tonight.

C/A/T – Past
This is a bit like sitting on a bizarre swing, something places in a graveyard with rusty chains. A ticker leads the track to its end in which the swinger meets an excellent piece of rhythmic distortion. This is excellent material!

F-Space – Remains
Give us a drum roll, add some heavy metal guitar riffs, add the smell of leather jackets and spit and grow your hair until it reached your asshole. This is the music that will hypnotize the listener into a rocker of some kind.

Provolone – Dark Ham
Crunched, crunchy, distorted, muffled, unruffled.. Slight rhythmic noise that hangs in there for your complimentary thoughts.

Stereohalo – he was reading an instruction manual to a toaster
A landscape arises: a dead western landscape between dead sand and empty saloons a green poisoned lizard with a cowboy head rides it’s donkey in to town. He is like lucky Luke and is cooler than you and the music here, is his theme song.

Slippery Envelope – Grooming the Florist
Got to love someone fingering a guitar, a banjo is good too, but a guitar is always better. The artist here does it and is able to do it backwards and through multiple dimensions. What’s this voodoo magic? It is music..

TarnMineHead – Footgold
A little bit of gas, not the one of the laughing kind but more the one that the guy with the famous mustache unfortunately used to commit genocide. This is what this sounds like for a bit, and the militant marching towards the end just underlines it.

Skunk Puppet – Gas Planet Serenade
Crying instruments, a bit of whining too. It’s a club like the one in fight club, in which instruments meet and expose their sadness to each other while hugging a teddybear with snot and tears. Pretty good stuff really!

Josh McCurdy – Expanded Head-Set
Spacious sounds, little lasers, we go through sound barriers together. This is the music that should succeed to make us travel through space and time in search for the ‘beam me up Scotty’ guy.

WAB – Wad
This is a strange track, it feels to me as listening to some Indian dance ritual performed by a rumbling punk band. It’s all nicely done in Lo-fi which makes it hard to decipher which only improves the quality and fun of listening to it. Let’s eat a cactus together.

Vulcan Murmur – Survivor’s Guilt
Strangely this track feels like psy-trance noise. It’s probably a genre not invented yet, but as the illegal medications gets better this stuff will meet a lot of lovers in the close future.

The Subtle Realms of a Sucking Pigeon – Already Dreaming
The way the mind works is perfect for you? A voice gives us this compliment in the middle of a fine experimental track of sounds. Some hiss in the beginning and some space pigeons pressing a button at the end. Someone turning a rather large wooden knob and than it’s all over.

AK – Absolve Yrslf of White Guilt (Excerpt)
Mysterious moments needs mysterious music and that’s what it is that you can hear here. Perfect mystery music that is friendly but… Mysterious! Mysterious, eh?

WRMS – Violets
Another band working on the Lo-fi platform. It sounds pretty good, the band can play and knows what they are doing. I feel like we should open a couple of beers and say cheers.

Biotic Acoustics Syndicate – A Canvas Painted with Noise
The bliss of joy!

The Buddy HollyCo$t – Single Eight Infinity
Steamtrain rolling madness with the locomotive ticket conductor screaming through the cabins with flags of the USA behind him. This is excellent material to get your hype up and going.

Circuit Bent City – Bent Beguine
A little moment of friendly sound folklore. An accordion, little happy sounds and all is good feeling; what does a chicken need more?

Pat Moring & Chad E. Williams – Excerpt from “Boombox Renaissance”
Some flubber action, a bit of DIY handy jobs with a driller that pretends to be a horny cat. It’s the music that deserves a tiny bit of guitar to meet up for a chat with a cute animal of sound; and luckily that happens to happen. What a joy!

M-Theory – Noisuca
Soft noises are only the starter as a honky synth blows a tone and a bladder of rhythmic rattles come out quickly before moving along.

Contreciel – Irrumatio
This is a track that reached the blessing if stability. It’s the kind of bombastic noise that gets the speakers pumping; your body weight flapping and you’ll wish it would never end.

Ghost Noise – This is the Next Part of Your Dream
A dream of the eighties, some strange stuff about being trapped on a VHS tape and a first view of the pins on Hell raisers head. No nightmare; it’s just a dream.

Ferguson – untitled
A little black metal from Ferguson fighting off some white ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ cop.

Pander Sera – To Talk To
Exciting noise with a dude trying to say some things.

YOLOuno420LYF – Gus Tan Hoober Finkter yaah(LIVE)
The world of sound and machinery blends in with a few samples and we are ready to take off. The cracking rhythmic noise throws us into midair and we never ever seem to land!

Adam Adhiyatma – Demon Blood
masturbating with a guitar by playing both instruments at the same time like it had never been done before. Genitals stuck between the strings, pubic hair and strings all mixed up and.. It sounds so good!

Sections Ov Dingo – The Absence of Naked Cuddly Goodness
This track is a bit soft, so you might add the volume. When you do you feel safe and secure like laying your ears on feathered pillows with a new age instructor saying some soothing things to embrace the relaxedness.

dEAf – FIND you
Than it’s time to party, and that’s what this tune brings. Doing a perfect combination of punk pop noise that gets the good vibes in and get the legs dancing and the arms waving. Wear a swimsuit, sunglasses and lipstick and rock the house, yo!

Lob – Lob Plays K Street
than it’s time to meet Lob, the one responsible for this gigantic compilation and my lack of sleepless nights. Thank you, Lob. The worldwide community owes you! The track delivered here by Lob itself is of a friendly kind, it suits its character obviously. Kind and forgiving and reasonable enthusiastic: a good moment in time.

bran(…)pos – HANK/HUNK
This is a nice tune, bringing abstract noise that feels like its rhythmic but is it? It’s a bit of a cliff hanger, but it sure is nice to hang on this cliff.

XDUGEF – Spay or Neuter Your Pets
In this track there are voices to be heard, perhaps recorded in someone’s head. They don’t sound very friendly and the words or comments that they pronounce are not very clear in their intentions.

Aaron Oppenheim – August 31, 2014 (excerpt)
This piece of audio is very nice, It is of the smooth lovable kind that slowly rises up, captivates the listeners and exposes its noise like you have not seen it flashed before. A very smooth attack that deserves some praises. Very nice.

Holokaust – End Game
This is a wild track of explosive music, the grunting power vocals are a perfect team with the guitars that are on fire and the animalistic drums. The riff at the end makes this track especially special. Giving it a happy yet bad-ass vibe!

RAPEAXE – Burning Man is alright if you want to eat shit and die.
A world is created here, something that comes across cinematic but very dark. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a movie about a sacrificing ritual of some kind. Some ethnic singing in the background gives it all the extra gravy that you need.

AA23 – Dueling Tones
Soft tones, hanging from cold to warm around in the air. A piece that you don’t want to miss, but needs your full attention to be stuck into your ears. Put up the volume and reveal those dueling tones.

FRAUD – The Last Minute (Times Two)
A fine noise that sounds like big thick layers of snow that are being crushed into each other. Someone get a shovel, someone else might want to pick up a carrot for building a snowman.
A well timed track as Christmas is coming to town!

Beached Warlocks – Tapatío Warble
I love this track.. It has the warm crackles of a warm fire, the arcade bleebs of youth sentiment. What’s not to love?

Thomas Carnacki — Quoldeformikastrum: A Travesty of Californian Theatrical Offerings
An interesting piece, starting with some fieldrecordings, going through nice moldy audio movements that become slightly haunting and then all the way back to crazy tape-manipulations.

Hard Feelings – Necrodancer (nike abnb bodyshots version)
This is the work that feels like a blend of shooting yourself into space and a gigantic group of killer bees flying through a fun fair.

Himeko Katagiri – Reppin’ Richmond
The first breakcore represents itself here with this track. Breakbeats, noise, lollicore, samples, rolling and trolling for an instant active party sliding through the mental barriers.

PRESENT – Present
Present is a track made by PRESENT and it presents an interesting piece of music. It’s way too short, but that keeps it intriguing.

A groovy piece of percussion, experimental it might be; but it feels as one of the more easy listenable friends representing the state of Callifornia noise scene.

K.Atchley – Study In Brown Noise
A very beautiful exploration in brown noise that almost feels as if it embraces the polite side of avant-garde jazz. It’s a very beautiful track that comes across like listening to an old radio with soft brown noises of nostalgia.

Dropped Call – My Commercial To Go
A lo-fi assembly of recordings, cut up, pasted to form a collage. It’s a bit speedy to get a clear picture, but does indeed bring enough information to get the mind boggling.

The Zero Collective – Brutality Classica (Excerpt)
Another nice track on this gigantic compilation. It is noise but it is of the sophisticated side of life, carefully conducted to form an interesting soundscape that uses stereo effects to great use. A abstract piece that is totally exciting!

SMITE! – Disenforce
A little bit vague perhaps, but this track seems to perform some kind of movement. Perhaps a rambling space engine… something… I’m not sure what it is.. It’s a nice thing to find something that I can’t seem to put my finger on.

Pulsating Cyst – Transdermal Cranial Stimulation
…makes me want to put my fingers in my ears.. not because it isn’t nice, it just came out of the blue like a little high tonal invasion.

Ninja McTits – Contra Pasta County
Ah good old Ninja McTits delivering the finest noise all smothered in your face. Noise that makes me feel like I’m hearing screaming house maids running around to avoid a tiny little spider. The noise is clear and exciting; a stable moment of a panic attack.

Mike Meanstreetz – Outdoor Cactus Indoor In Practice
A very short piece of music that probably is a band improvising or indeed ‘indoor practicing’.

MK9 – explain
A track that explains itself entirely. If you still are worried, a voice is there to talk to you and keep you comfort with the smooth noise.

Lord! In Hall – Rusty
The rusty noise that is captured in this track is quite screeching the inner ears, it’s a twinkling feeling. It makes me want to tap my legs behind my ears like an itchy dog. Lovely!

Vashta Nerada – Dźwięk o Uzdrowienie
A melodic bell progression of some kind. It’s a shimmering piece that on one hand sounds friendly and nice, and on the other hands could be the sound of a hunchback spotting grave digger ringing tiny bells to let the death now of its arrival.

Swamp Cooler – Bored in SF
This track by Swamp Cooler seems to be about sucking. Sucking things, from a cup or an more abstract object. Don’t think about a hover, its more sucking in the human kind of way.. A Dracula sucking blood from a carton box.. Something or someone sucking things..

Lords Of Outland – NCNF2007 Live
The thrill is on as this track prevails and exposes the live sound of something professional. An interesting tiny snippet that seemed to be hypnotic trip noises that you could stuck your head in and be wondered about.
CT Assaults – Conjuror’ Menagerie
Mental, absolutely mental and yet so structured. It’s like listening to a band formed with the brain of Alfred Hitchcock. Killer birds, strange riffs, weird animals and steamy psycho shower scenes.

Chelsea Jones – mmKe
This starts with a soft sweet singing voice and then your head gets blown off by noise.
What a surprise! What a joy, what a ride! Can someone please catch my head before it reaches the point of not wanting to return to my neck? Be aware people, Chelsea Jones is a killer!

Uberkunst – Kunstlicht
uber kunst brings kunst, or what we could translate as ‘art’. It comes across as a rhythmic art exhibition in which the human art pieces are enjoying an orgy (for the sake of art of course) and a guitarist interrelates what the eyes sees.. If this is art, than we are all art lovers!

Pregnant – One
A simple sweet moment of some experimental music. I can’t say anything better than ‘A nice moment’.

Ear Spray – A Strange Voice Of Harmony
It can’t be clearer that ‘A Strange Voice Of Harmony’ is exactly what it is ‘A Strange Voice Of Harmony’. Luckily this strange voice also meets up with harmonics that are of a very loveable kind.  Strange but in a lovely way.

Nux Vomica – Without Knowledge, Or Lustre, Or Aim
This track is also one of those ones that wins prices in the beauty zone of the Californian beaty noise contests. It’s so beautiful it might as well be ambient. Soft sweet layers of lovely sound clouds floating over each other in exciting fashion. Give this track a tiara or a crown as it deserves it.

XOME – Bluetooth Disaster
… I can’t believe what my ears are hearing.. This is… this… this is the sound of the last track? Unbelievable! The sound of a ‘bluetooth disaster’ sounds quite colorful. It makes me feel like applying the saying : Someone’s disaster is someone else their joy’.

A great way to end this gigantic representation of the Californian experimental sound, noise and band scene. This compilation is one historians will listen too in the far away future.. But you can be first by downloading and enjoying this gigantic collection of Californian weirdoes over at the following link:

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7 Responses to various artists – The Big California Noise Compilation

  1. alphastare says:

    Reblogged this on DaDaEntry23 and commented:
    I contributed a track to this really big compilation of 143 California underground sound artists. This brave soul reviewed them all! My track appears in the #32 spot (Alphastare).

  2. alphastare says:

    Alphastare here (track 32) thanks for taking the time to listen to all of that! I still haven’t heard all of it! Cheers from San Francisco!

  3. jilly says:

    Awesome review of Sssssss! Thanks you from the bottom of my glittery dress

  4. RamChandra would be pleased to announce a statement to CalNoise here…

    some silent vibrations embedded into absurd sky…

    Soundtrack on Geometer is my rendition on Terr Riley ” In C ”
    Thank you for your kind attention


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