Various Artists – Creatures Vol. 1

Artists: Various
title: Creatures Vol. 1
cat: IR002
format: Mini CDr in DVD case / digital
keywords: electronic, The Netherlands
label: Inverted Records

A good example of something that uses minimal deeds for maximum captivating possibilities and needs is Mėmŏŗŷ by ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş. It showcases the music that purely cultivates the essentials for ultimate powerful effects. With an authentic simple approach in which the saying ‘less is more’ can be applied, this track turns out to be totally addictive. Think of a well thought about minimal melody on repeat that speaks sadness as well as power in one go.

This is decorated with a quirky Lo-fi programmed high-hat, baseball kick and dramatically cold accentuating crashes which ultimately is cheered up with an operatic voice of unknown gender, that sings delightfully as if singing under a pleasant shower. It’s bizarre how intriguing this is and how much you just want to play it on repeat. There is something in it that puts some dramatic spell on the ears: a strange but strong opener of this mini CDr released by the one and only label established in the village Lobith (Netherlands) named ‘Inverted Records.

The next track is done by Ghөs†R∆vʒ  which is just as fascinating as it is bizarre listening material. The modern kids might call it vaporwave or witch wave or something.. To be honest I’m not modern enough to give a solid genre to this work. It has this synthesizer sound for the melody that immediately brings up the vision of Gary Numan playing his classic trademark sound, but the whole track goes for a low laying tempo that makes me feel as if it is purposely played on the wrong BPM.

When a voice comes in to sing and do its thing you can just imagine the singer emotionally putting out his words as if sang in slow motion. It’s a track that felt fuller in sound than its friend that came before and yet has a similar vibe of laying low and only bringing the essentials to the ears that in all honesty works out pretty smoothly. It is (thanks to the synth) one of those tunes that is again repeat worthy as it has the opportunity to grow at each listening session.

dylan_king  – Gone (Dream Koala Bootleg) is another smooth and easy rider; a rather fantastic one if you don’t mind me dribbling in excessive compliments. Its music that is solidly rhythmic with its slow rhythm seemingly progressed in all kind of muffling situations. It has me as a listener attempting to snap my fingers along, while obviously hopelessly failing at this finger snapping.. It’s a smooth and cool operator at work here and tears fall on the floor when realizing how short this work is; more of this please!

But no reason to be sad as the next track ‘PHaR0Ah H3r01n’ by XДVI∑R W∀††§ is what the youngsters would engrave in their arm as it is a tune. The groove presented here keeps up the tempo of lying low but the beat presented here has a strong punch to it. The melody is the one that does it for me, it is presented in an almost classic structure in which a dirty sounding synthesizer provides a easy to remember scene that keeps the mood in touch with the rest of the team mates.

A strange track that goes a bit adrift in its mood compared to the others is MƱƦMƱƦƩ  – Birdz x Police x Money. It doesn’t come across as slumbering but much more happy in its roots, even a moment of being uplifting might be encountered while listening to this strange track. A feeling that also could be felt in the last track on this release by ‘(o)+hers with Alia Thera ‘. It’s the flow of rattling ticks of high hats, strange sample presentation, almost hardcore claps and the delicious Nintendo bleeps that mold nicely to the progressed melodic raindrops dripping down in a bucket full of tears.

Like mentioned before the last track is one that strangely works on a positive note in a uplifting way. It’s (o)+hers & Alia Thera  and together they made a blend that mixes a dramatic but yet very positive sounding piano melody in a bath of muffled, yet charismatic soft sweet backdrop noises. It has a romantic feel good vibe over it, while still keeping an eye out to the sinister side of it all. A nice pat on the back and a better ending than ending on a positive note could not be better than this tune for this fine selection of togetherness.

The label boss of Inverted Records ‘with its acquired taste and knowledge’ has surely picked the best looking cherries from the tree and created a perfect blend of them bringing you (just like the artists captured here) only the best essentials that not only are a great match, but all spot trademarks that are worthy for repeated listening. A great peak into ‘the top of the crop’ of a music scene hidden away for most of us.

Get these essentials by ordering them as a hand crafted physical copy to fully support this DIY label, or if you are a hoarder and have no place left; you might also support them by getting a digital version of this quality compilation over at the following link:


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