Dani House – Guitar Songs

Artist: Dani House
title: Guitar Songs
format: Floppy Diskette / digital
keywords: lobit, alternative, anti-folk, fort wayne, ghost-fi, gobblinpunk, post-swamp, pop, floppy, floppy disk, noise, indianapolis

Dani House has laid the first step to build his floppy house. The first stone is of course not really a stone, but indeed a floppy. Dani House has a lot of other floppies to fill to finalize this floppy house, but like all first settlements; this first floppy deserves lots of attention and praises or at least a warm welcoming well wishing.

Dani House’s first floppy is named ‘guitar songs’, which might suggest that this is a collection of guitar songs. But don’t be fooled; this is Dani House and Dani House simply doesn’t just do guitar songs. His music is of the kind that you can’t categorize so easily, which makes it so great that he has now dived into the genre of freedom named ‘lobit’.


Behold the wonderful first ever self released Floppy by Dani House, which contains an instant lobit party

The tracks are encoded in 40kbps to be precise. Not too low, not too high; giving the sound a beautiful Lo-fi feeling, with extra muffled loveliness which in Dani House’s way still manages to stay as top as any more hi-fi Dolby surround triple 4D sound purifying format would have sounded like, only with one difference; lobit just sounds 90.99 % better…

…but let’s get on with the actual music that you can find on this fun floppy. The first track is ‘This is a song about my guitar’ which is of course a song about the guitar of Dani House starting with a nice essemble of marching lunacy. It feels as if Dani House has brought in a cute Casio keyboard to sing and praise his lovely guitar for him.

He of course joins in with his soothing voice in which we all can be warm and feel happily embraced in. The atmosphere is one of a fun party in which the guitar just sits in a corner with a party hat on while Dani House serves a favorite cream pie of beautiful lobit madness. What a lovely happy welcome; makes me feel instantly happy and energized almost wanting to be a guitar in the household of Dani House.

‘Ground Beef Blanket’ starts off in a American fashion; bullets are flying in to the ears at a rapid gun fire, or perhaps just a happy spaghetti western introducing itself cowboy style. Before going too far into the broke back mountain zone, the bullet shots form energetic glitch beats and the guitar of Dani House comes out of a can of corned beef; nice and dirty with lots of meat hanging on to it.

The guitar is bullet proof and together they do an amazing setup of energetic beef beat hocopoco! Dani House joins in with his voice and everything that you can hear is smothered in the lovely aestatics of the lobit rate. The original input might have been already punk from the start, but the output is more punk than you could ever dream off. The bullets are directed into fine glitch compositions and the guitar sounds as a bass that smothers you delightfully in your face. This is what it is all about, people!

The reason why the lobit genre is so loved is probably because anything goes and anything can happen. You simply never know what to expect of this genre. That’s why the title of ‘Guitar Songs’ might be totally fooling some people on the spot. But wait until you hear another jolly jumper named ‘Guitar school (with you) which starts with a bombastic four by four punch kick, before letting in a whole circus of lovely madness.

I can’t seem to trace any guitar in it, or perhaps the lobit rate transformed it into a toy keyboard-ish wacko played melody? That’s the magic of lobit; it transforms things all for the greater good! But the circus sounds is one happy go lucky madness of double vocals singing in a warm style, steam trains are running over traditional folk music, and a deranged nice arrangement of funny rhythms are pie throwing each other while obviously aiming at your own ears.

The last track is ‘All my neighbors Know Your dog’s a Poseur he never play guitar like me’ which comes across like a happy brilliant invitation to get yourself toxicated. You’ll probably need it to understand the amazing arrangements that are captured over here. Think about Dani House going for a perfect freak out in a very friendly way.

If a guitar has a preset, Dani House would now know how to press it, blends it with alcoholics and sink cleaner to get the best happy high ending that would instantly hype you up to love the lobit once again with every inch of the ear and all what is attached to it.

Dani House might have been strolling through debunked lobit labels since its discovery of this petite friendly little world, but I’m sure Dani House blows in a fresh wind of fresh air!

This super floppy release together with the fact that the  lobit friendly floppy festivalFloppy Totaal‘ will be happening tomorrow (27 nov 2014)  in the Netherlands at Worm, Rotterdam (if you can’t make it, you can stream it!) ; it sure seems that these days are a amazing time for lobit lovers and their fancy physical outlets of the floppy diskette!

As we all know Bandcamp isn’t lobit friendly, so better give Dani House and his Guitar 3 dollar and let this amazing floppy come flying into your home and heart so you can hear these happy not-so-guitar-like tunes the way they are intended: in full lobit!!
Support Dani House’s future floppy house by obtaining your copy over at the following link:

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