The Caring Babies – Another New Fred

Artist: The Caring Babies
title: Another New Fred
format: Floppy Diskette
keywords: pop, popular song, contemporary, catchy, lobit, lofi, adult music, sing songwriting, rag dollpop, rock, alternative, toytronic, Hartford, floppy, floppy diskette
label:Wrieuw Recordings

Sometimes discovering new music is like meeting an individual, or in this case; two inseparable individuals: Matt Mazur and Redgie (the computer playing songwriter who also happens to be a rag-doll.) The moment that the work of these two came in my eyes and ears, I felt hooked and loved. (Not necessarily in that order..)

I liked it so much that I wanted to share it immediately with all the nice people, posting it in digital mailboxes, online forms and then deleting it all again when a hint of paranoia came flying in containing the worry to come across as a mad spamming lunatic.

Luckily there is Yeah I Know It Sucks, A place in which it isn’t called spam when you share something you absolutely got excited about; an outlet with the basic need to spread the word of quality music to the people that matter the most; you.

And what is it that got me so excited? A lot, but the hype started with a very brilliant and lively brand new music video which is a must hear and see. So come on girls and boys, the elderly, animals and cuddly dolls; put up the volume and enjoy ‘The man who wrote the songs’ by Caring Babies.

Wasn’t that amazing? Could you feel the love? How about the cute disorientating special effects in the video? Did you noticed the cat and did you see Matt doing his thing while Redgie played the computer? Are you doodling an idea now for a song?
And what about the music? Isn’t it the ultimate catchiness?

As you have noticed this song is of a very good vibe, very warm and loving. It goes in to my heart and warms up like a warm knitted sweater and a fancy pair of comfortable woolen socks in winter time. The songwriting (I believe done by Redgie) is one that is high up with the masterful masters of songwriting skills, creating a very relatable uplifting text that anyone on almost first listen can sing or at least hum along with. In fact every time now when you think about the words for a song, you’ll probably just hear this song being played in your head instead..

^ Matt (on the left) and Redgie (on the right)

^ Matt (on the left) and Redgie (on the right)

If Redgie the rag doll gets the credit for the brilliant song writing, Matt deserves the ultimate credit for the perfect tone and accentuations while performing the song. His voice and the music that he plays are done in a way that once it goes into the ears and reached the brain of the music lover, it stays inside the brain that suddenly functions a bit like a sponge that doesn’t want to leave the tune ever again.

In case of being ‘pop’ and ‘catchy’ Redgie and Matt score high prices with this tune. The Caring Babies make this song into a contagious and positive addiction that you feel like you need to keep spreading it around to friends, family, loved ones, puppies, kittens, furry and feathery friends and the collection of dolly dolls. It’s a tune catchier than any mainstream ‘pop’ act and yet it is alternative enough to be almost buried under a classy cultural wing of creative obscurism.

You can work your whole life in the world of archeology digging up pyramids and other treasures, but discovering ‘caring babies’ would be the ultimate discovery that makes life worth living.
We all agree with that, right?
( Glad we all agree. )

Tastes might differ from person to person but quality music stays quality and quality music of a rather special kind is exactly what Matt & Redgie aka ‘The Caring Babies’ are all about. They have already released three albums which you can check out over at their official Bandcamp account….
bandcamp…but as it’s a special day in a special moment in time you are hereby informed of a surprise! A brand new ‘Caring Babies’ release which is not even officially released yet! And that catchy song you have just heard in the music video is on it!!

Its name is ‘ Another New Fred ‘ and it’s absolutely brilliant. Through dodgy ways the album has reached my hands in its original shape of a nifty looking floppy diskette. Yes, The song heard above and two other must hear wonderful songs of labor and love will be available on floppy diskette and as you could hear, the aesthetics sounds delightfully clear and atmospheric in all its coziness.

Next to the obvious hit single ‘The man who wrote the songs’ , another very loveable song named ‘Cool Castle Adventure’ is also bringing joy on this diskette. It’s a song that is not only coming across as music made to enjoy with friends, but also as if the song in itself can be ‘your friend’. A adventurous song text that gets warmly greeted with a lovely hook of a warm baseline and a pretty chord progression.

Without a follow up single this release would not be complete and that’s where the song ‘Mister Cellphone’ comes in. The music is absolutely nifty, very well done and comes across as a little joyride which behind a scene of fun does some social commentary or perhaps a bit of mockery on the modern days of today in which more people are attached to their cellphones as if they are stuck to them because someone applied some superglue to the speaking part. The music makes it a song for a little dance in which probably all cellphones or dance along or just will be forgotten for the time that the tune plays and does its magical thing.

^ look this is the back arwork of this precious floppy release by The Caring Babies. It gives the tracklist and a picture of a cute two headed baby...

^ look this is the back arwork of this precious floppy release by The Caring Babies. It gives the tracklist and a picture of a cute two headed baby…

All in all a really great must hear release, very fun, great song writing, warm loving and happy catchy music by this wonderful duo. Good news is that if you go tomorrow/today (depends on your time zone, and if you are reading this on the date of publishing the article)  to the floppy festival ‘Floppy Totaal’ in Worm, Rotterdam the Netherlands; you could obtain this lovely release before anyone else.

But if you are not around or occupied with other things and miss out on this opportunity, you’ll just have to wait until the 9th of December as than this delightful must have release will be officially released through one of the cutest labels in the world ‘Wrieuw Recordings’! until than you might want to check out:
The Caring Babies on:
their official Bandcamp..
The Caring Babies on Blogspot.
or check Matt’s Youtube for hours of fun.


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8 Responses to The Caring Babies – Another New Fred

  1. Linda says:

    So if I take the lyrics to the heart, this music is mostly created (in the head) during work? Well, I have to say it is perfect for listening at work too!! I even tried to get one of my colleagues into it, but he keeps not having his headphones around; the cushions fall apart which gives little black thingies everywhere. I have the same with mine and well, core functionality is still there, so nothing wrong. But he wants to fix them first… so now I hope he just falls in love by the brilliant video clip. Short, nice and colorful, with a message and everything!

    I like the song “Tomorrow’s charming ways” mucho too! It’s the longest song and it could be even longer. Still, it seems that’s the secret of success, to keep it short. Uhm failing there myself right now, I just can’t shut up. Maybe I should go a bit less on the coffee.

    Oh and i am pissed off that I can’t make it to Rotterdam, being 99% sure on that. So I really hope I am the 1% today, but it depends on how much I can change tonight’s schedule and so on und so weiter etcetera. blah bla blaaaaa. baal baal bah!

    I am in a good mood but not being able to attend the floppy party makes me have a mood swing. :-/

    • Linda says:

      I just found a live stream link!
      Still, I will not be at home tonight so that won’t help me if I am the 99% afterall. If anyone can tell me whether it will be recorded and viewable/listenable afterwards too?

      • kainobuko says:

        Hi Linda, trust me I know how you feel.. 🙂 I’m not sure if it will be recorded / viewable / listenable afterwards.. I didnt dare to ask as I feel like already asking too much 🙂
        My honest advice is to hell with your planned evening scedule and let’s go Floppy Totaal! 😀 ❤

  2. Linda says:

    Hmmm… thing is: schedule can be changed but then the question is: go floppies before friends? Even though I do share a fondness for floppies and wouldn’t mind the €30 / 2hr return trip to Rotterdam, I do like to spend the evening with my friend. So I only go in case the friend goes too. Duo floppy drives only ;p

    In any case, I do hope floppy party will be held more often and perhaps a bit closer to the weekend and/or Amsterdam…. 😀

    • Linda says:

      That should have been “in any floppy case”… the ‘post comment’ button was faster found than the brain 😀

      • kainobuko says:

        Friends of Floppies? Floppy Friends? Friendly Floppies? You are totally right.. a difficult choice.. BUT.. I’m going to pick you up with the time machine so you can still attend and hopefully bring you back on time for the meeting with your friend.
        I see you in a bit 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    Looking backwards to the time machine ride!

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