mhz_ – Steep Lines 2

Artist: mhz_
title: Steep Lines 2
cat: 8r073
keywords: mhz_, drone, 8ravens, low-bit, lobit, lo-bit, 8kbps
label: 8Ravens

Do you have an interest in the sacred knowledge of the chicken and the egg? Everyone always bothers along with who came first, which is stupid: of course the egg came first. It might be that there was a chicken around it, but hey that’s not our problem.

You might think, why this chat about chicken and the egg? I came here for steep lines 2 and not for chickens or eggs…

Well I’m sorry than as ‘steep lines 2’ is all about chicken and eggs. In fact listening to this let you experience living in an egg inside a chicken.

And you know what? It’s a mind blowing excessive exercise in which you’ll probably come to the solution that life within an egg within a chicken is rather great and extremely comfortable. Personally I didn’t want to leave this experience and it made me envy anyone who is in a chicken egg inside a chicken in real life, as it must be the most comfortable and relaxing place on earth.

You can hear the blood flow of the chicken’s heart in which you inside the egg are chilling. Perhaps you can even hear your own heartbeat following the steady pace of the chicken that surrounds the egg.

Adding to the comfort zone of being in this egg inside the chicken are the other chickens (either with eggs inside of them or not) that chat in their chicken language with each other as it they are at a hair salon gossiping the hottest rooster of the chicken family. Their clucking chats heard through the egg and the chicken that surrounds it is the perfect layer that turns the chicken gossip into a warm comfortable background that is a true add on to the relaxed state of being inside the egg surrounded by this chicken.

You can listen to ambient music all you want, but nothing beats the pleasant comfort of the ‘being in a egg surrounded by a chicken’ experience. I kid you not.

Try it out adventures listeners and embrace this new relaxing experience:

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