deafness – Unknown Depths

artist: deafness
title: Unknown Depths
keywords: ambient, lobit, Russia, drone
label: Tales About Nothing

Last night I wrote a review for this wonderful new release by Deafness, I think it had at least over one thousands words of praise. From how the artist has grown, to the sound aesthetic used that will fool lobit lovers as if they are listening to something in a high bitrate and high bitrate friends into something lobit. It’s one of those classic works that brings all kinds of people together choosing to provide wonderful ambience above any other possible sound statements.

I also wrote how difficult it is to review something this good, as it’s much easier to write words about something that isn’t perfect than something that is indeed perfect. But as many great Deafness releases have helped me through the hangover gained at the floppy festival (and through life in general) it would be a shame if other music and most notably ‘ambient’ lovers would miss out on the wonderful works of this artist just because it’s to good to find words that do the music some Justice..

Perhaps Deafness don’t want to be reviewed or is shy for new listeners and a possible conversion of these listeners into mad groupies. I mean after writing the gigantic document full of praise which just basically needed a link to finalize it; I suddenly fell in a deep sleep. I do t know how but I must have fallen on top of the ‘backspace’ button as when I woke up all anticipated to share the praising review with you; the review was no more..

I might have dreamed it, but as I can clearly remember my dream.. (I was this girl with a retarded boyfriend who hang around for eight years and every time he came I had an excuse not to be with him. I’ve got a headache, or I need to do something, or sorry I’m working on a piece of art in the toilet… The poor guy couldn’t take it no more and after realizing that eight years of being with someone while ignoring or avoiding this someone is a very long time; we eventually went out to a cinema to celebrate this fact . It was a bad choice, the idiot dropped popcorn and lemonade on the crotch of my summer dress and was over excited like a young puppy who never had seen the light of day or a movie theatre. But to be honest it was truly embarrassing, especially realizing what a bitch I was driving this crazy person completely nuts until all hell broke loose….)

Uhm… So no, I didn’t write the review in my dream; simply too busy! But as by waking up and found no words written for Deafness’s latest wonderful work I thought I might as well rewrite it as it really would be awful if you’ll miss out on the beautiful experimental ambient music done here by this mysterious music producer.

So this is it… Here is a link, plug in and enjoy and save your work before as there might be a chance of falling asleep on your keyboard and deleting everything you had worked on… Beautiful soothing ambient showcasing an awesome set of production skills, downloadable for absolutely free:

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