DMDN – Sling Trip 2

artist: DMDN
title: Sling Trip 2
keywords: experimental, ambient drone, drone, ambient, musicque concrete, noise, Tilburg
labels: Midas Tapes / Supreme Tool Supplies

The super deejay operating from Tillywood , the Netherlands whose name should ring a bell ‘DMDN’ is responsible for pure awesomeness. Wherever DMDN turns up to spin his records you can expect your feet to respond and your brain heading towards meltdown. DMDN loves music and next to being a favorite deejay at the toxic parties at Gifgrond, he is the well knowledgable owner of the best record shop in Europe: Antenne.

Antenne Recordshop is the place to go and get your obscure vinyl, your new flavored electronic stompers, your breaking breaks and experimental sounds. If you are in the Netherlands and not occupied in a time wrap while testing out some Pot; a visit to Antenna should be on every music loving tourist’s agenda. Take a peek at the online catalogue and let the drool that drips over your bottom lip do the talking…

^ DMDN @ Antenne

^ DMDN @ Antenne

But after the record shop recommendation it’s good to go back to business as usual, which is presenting you a release done by the same DMDN way back in the days.

If we believe every word of information this release was originally released on cassette through Midas Tapes somewhere in the years of 1987 & 1991.. Yes, that’s a while ago which means that these tapes are probably sounding more seasoned than at their release date, which makes lucky owners of this tape probably even luckier when listening to it now in the digital age of mp3’s and floppies.

At a later date the tape got rereleased but now as a limited (550 pieces!) CD version. Perhaps this stops the seasoning of the original tracks, but listening to this rerelease, it already has a warm feeling over it, as if it is dubbed from tape into the new era of compact discs.

This version was released in the sexy, sexy, sexy year of 1996 by Supreme Tool Supplies and thanks to the modern help of a search on the internet, can be found and heard through its online home on a bandcamp account.

This listening session is highly recommended to do so on a Sunday as you will be greeted with friendly church bells. Everyone knows church bells and Sundays are a match made in heaven and a ‘thing’ made popular here on some parts of the earth: but thanks to this record by DMDN you don’t need to leave your house, or wait for someone to ring those bells for you: it’s all under your control!

After the consumption of pleasurable church bells it is time to accept a warm soundscape which sounds like listening to a orchestra of death whistles, broken modems, the breaks of a slipping vehicle and the wonderful screams of a housemaid. Think of them all draped in a wonderful woolen noise scenery that flirts with a warm heart with a handsome roaring storm and you will know that it’s time to pack your bags and move into this sound for a well-deserved fresh breeze of noise.

What follows is a conversation captured probably from some NASA space interception before completely indulging the ears in an alienating burst of contained energy that pushes a wild exciting noise scene with a powerful slightly evil toned density at its core. For us as a listener it’s a great work that makes the blood boil of excitement, but within the music you could hear the voices of trouble, saying with panic tones that they have to abandon ship.. I guess someone else their trouble is a joy for others. It’s weird to say as I’m not an evil person, and this track isn’t the ear shredding noise but much more a sophisticated soundscape brought with care; but this does make me feel slightly evil.
It’s the buzz that goes through that gives this feeling of power; it makes you want to say ‘yeah flee little unwanted astronauts, flee and never return!’

A little victorious moment of noise flutes play a song of victory before moving to another more humble sounding dark undertone in the trippy noise scenery. The astronauts are dead or have lost all communications and the music celebrates this fact with a somehow gentle progression of space serenity. Iron changes rattle in the great sky to warn of an upcoming highlight which appears to be the loud shredding all swallowing super noise that no space ship would survive.

DMDN gives a little time to recover from the cinematic space assault by giving what appears slow buildup on a track named ‘De Stort’ to regain strength for an attack that has enough power to potentially resurrect your grand, grandmother. I feel this is the sound taken in a space ship that is forcibly under attack of the sound of a gigantic force. You can hear everything going to the shits, the ship falling in a rapid speed through active time warps with no control of the inhabitants whatsoever. I wonder if they had seatbelts on, and if it would be any help for such a sound assault tumbling the ship into the destruction zones.

The next work is ‘Dwabeau 1’ which sounds for a bit as if the ears reunite with the crashed ship and that miracle above miracles; someone has survived the fall and the crash. Here we can hear this brave living individual working hard to get the piece of shit (formerly known as space ship) back into working form. After a while it actually seems that the person is skilled enough to get indeed some kind of engine running, but with all the damage done it will definitely not lift off or return to home base for a long, long time.

In ‘Hoskins 3’ the adventure seems to continue with realizing that these might be the sounds coming from the planet that the astronaut had crashed his ship on. Going for a walk on the unknown planet might be tough as the planet seems to move, fall and go up again as if it has the trademarks of a rubber bouncing ball played by extraterrestrials. Luckily there are also moments of relaxation, of beautiful tones and views of falling stars that light up the unknown darkness.

The track named Netley Abbey 2 might be a noise/soundscape with all the flavors that makes these things so great, but the structure to me has also something of a psychedelic punk record. A voice can be heard pronouncing some magical ritual of words before that punk feeling really starts to kick in and unravel. This is psychedelic and deep and otherworldly enjoyable.

For people who like it more ‘high’ the ever so generous DMDN has ‘Rampa 1’ for you to enjoy. A mind crushing lengthy piece that gives everything a ‘high noise’ lover loves so much. It has the perfect time scale to keep the by now spoiled noise fan in a condition in which the high sound will keep on ringing even if the track already stopped to provide silence.

But not that the silence is long, as before plunging into end and testing out your capabilities to hear things; a final track has doomed up. This one is a bit like listening to muffled fireworks, airplane engines in the great sky or perhaps just DMDN and friends moving and sorting out boxes of audio material. A better end cannot be wished for!
you can hear and get a digital copy of this excellent trip album over here:

meet DMDN in person? and interested in getting the physicall CD copy of this album?
head over to Antenne as the CD version is still available for you to hold on too:

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  1. Linda says:

    Nice: I start listening with Klokkort at exactly 12:00 on the first Monday of the month. In the Netherlands the air alarms get tested at that time: a very nice extra layer is added! 😀

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