Mimi Kawouin (video)

artist: Mimi Kawouin
keywords: strange beast, lullabies for colored nightmares, noise, weird, video

The name of ‘Mimi’ is one that is quite popular among the cuter side of pets. Mimi Rabbits, Mimi hamsters, fluffy Mimi cats.. but Mimi is a name most popular amongst the smaller lapdogs. chiwawa, Chow chows, mini poodles and hot dogs.

^ a Mimi

^ a Mimi

Mimi is a cute name, coming across very sweet, innocent and almost lady like.
But time is changing… Enough is enough..

we had enough

we had enough

I guess a big Mimi was kind of sick of sharing the same name with this sweet as cherry reputation, and this big Mimi knows how to work the ways of style and marketing to shred off the horror like images of cute poodles with pink bows and tiaras in their hair. No harm will be done to the other Mimi’s, just a reputation of cuteness fairly destroyed by launching a loud nightmare Mimi into the world.

No fluffy hairs, no sweet eyes popping out of a small inbred lapdog, and definitely no Mimi to put in your handbag. This Mimi is very large, looks quite cuddly, but might as well cuddle you till death to live up to its nightmarish reputation.

This Mimi doesn’t softly bark, neither sits on your lap for a fine petting. This Mimi twists knobs, presses buttons and makes sounds that roar until you wet your pants. The colorful approach of fur is not only there to frighten you, it’s also for ‘the others’.

Mimi doesn’t fit under the bed or in the closet, but it for sure as hell makes the presence even more frightening. A dark face, a white collar and a fashion style Which Lady Poop Poop is jealous off; this is the new Mimi blasting your ears out while lapdogs run off with their tails between their legs!

You are also called Mimi and feel the joke of the town because of sharing your name with a lapdog? Your friends will stop their jokes and laughter immediately when you introduce them to this other Mimi. This excellent Mimi; a nightmare to some, a savior to others!

Not much is known about Mimi. Mimi comes from France and will be doing its thing for voluntary visitors at a Gifgrond party. I guess if you have a weak heart you might not want to come, but don’t feel all too safe as Mimi will come to you when you least expect it. A bit like a boogeyman but then it’s Mimi and delivers some excellent noises.
Have sweet Mimi dreams everybody..

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