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Various Artists – New Year Compilation 2015

Artist: Various Artists title: New Year Compilation 2015 cat: intox173 keywords: electronic, techno, ambient, breakbeat label: Intox Noise reviewer: Mark X It’s the time of the year that the human race poisons the air at midnight with fireworks, completely … Continue reading

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Alex Spalding – Grossa Nova

Artist: Alex Spalding title: Grossa Nova cat: {L0BIT08} keywords: electro, electronica, no wave, lobit, synthpop, industrial, pop, lobopop, experimental label: L0BIT reviewer: Leo Obit Philosopher, writer, music maker, half of the dynamic electronica duo named Material Action, reviewer, game … Continue reading

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Maga – The Wired One

Artist: Maga title: The Wired One cat: esc.rec.7 keywords: electronic, adventurous, beats, dance, maga, marc fien, techno, Deventer label: esc.rec Because we are all ready with flags, firecrackers, party hats and balloons; it is an excellent opportunity to dig … Continue reading

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Diode Milliampere – Psychic Pizza Connection

Artist: Diode Milliampere Title: Psychic Pizza Connection Format: floppy diskette / digital Keywords: diy, demoscene, feeltrip, electronic, electronica, dance, fm synth, techno,  Chicago, chiptune, chipmusic This year was a heaven for floppy diskette fans, quality floppy labels like Floppy Kick, … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Closing the Year

artist: Various title: Closing the Year keywords: techno, house, music, 2014, creative commons label: Betanol Records reviewer: Mark X The year of 2014 has looked better, nowadays this years hairs are not just getting grey but are simply falling … Continue reading

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Vitamin Wig C – Anal Yoga

Artist: Vitamin Wig C title: Anal Yoga keywords: experimental, comedy, Los Angeles, California reviewer: Willem van O. Vitamin Wig C’s Anal Yoga has the keywords of experimental and comedy, but even though the artist name and release title might bring … Continue reading

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Qz – Fabelandia

Artist: Qz title: Fabelandia keywords: rock, rock n’ roll, experimental, garage, rock pop, progressive, pop, Hollywood reviewer: Willem van O. Qz seemed to have succeeded in finding a song for singing along, something that has found content that everyone can … Continue reading

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