Djanan Turan kickstarting the MAZE EP

kickstartDjanan Turan kickstarting the MAZE EP

What is a kickstarter?
I guess a kickstarter is something that starts when you give it a good kick.
It’s what you do when your motorcycle motor doesnt seem to work;
you’ll kick it with force and than suddenly the engine starts with that oh so familiar vvVVVRRROOOAAARRRrrrr sound.
After the kick start you are on the way to wherever you wanted to go, the sky is the limit.
Sometimes the kick start needs some happy slapping, some pulling and some sweet words to get even the kick itself started.
Sometimes nothing works and its back to the garage for a restart.

The old school kickstart method is (in these modern times that we are living) hijacket by another kind of phenomenon.
Something that doesnt really envolve a technical failure in an engine, but involves a creative way of funding the oil that gets (mostly) creative things up and running.
My eye had seen such a kick start campaign of someone who wanted to make a salad.
Instead of salad I believe this person could now buy a palace to serve every invester his home made salad in.
This was of course a lucky succes story, and proof that everybody loves salad.

^ this is a salad

^ this is a salad

But music, ladies and gentleman: Music.
I know it doesnt have the salad cream, the green salad things, the carots and the tiny tomatoes but..
Music is probably even more important than salad and water alltogether.
It is well known that when you crash somewhere with an airplane in nomans land you will run out of salad and water soon enough;
but the music (played in real or in the memories of your head) will stay with you until the very end.
Thats why I believe those modern kickstarters done by music makers that are doing their thing without any major label,
or other booming cigar smoking investor behind it; deserves some kick, some support.
That’s why my hands are typing up to let you know about London based singer songwriter Djanan Turan. A music maker from the heart who knows what she wants..

She is the brave soul who started to kickstart her own EP. She has kicked it herself by working her ass off for it, donating all her love to it,
smacking it with cute shoes in the hope to give it the attention that it deserves.. She works hard, she has the passion, the voice and writing skills.
She has run out of salad and water and now only lives from and for her music. The EP needs more kicks, some more boots kicking against it to get the ball rolling, to pave the roads to reality. Here she explains it all in her own words:
She has all these amazing deals that you’ll get when you help kicking that EP of hers. From Mp3’s & CD’s and even a handy option of her sending your Christmas cards to whoever you want. (A deal that makes you popular and you dont have to do anything yourself for it)
Or what about a deal of getting 2 EP’s and Djanan Turan’s Turkish album? Yes, Djanan Turan can sing and write in Turkish too!
Although the EP she is kicking so hard right now will be guaranteed for 100% in the English language.

I’m fairy interested in a deal which involves champagne, live music and rocking deejays.
If someone brings some salad at the venue to dip into the champagne it sure is going to be the best time of our little lives!
Or whatabout this option to go and see Djanan Turan performing in her 2015 tour in Turkey? Sun, bubbles, Turkish delight!
This option of an USB stick filled up with music made with love by Djanan Turan is also an option.

^ Djanan Turan will fill up a magical stick with love

^ Djanan Turan will fill up a magical stick with love

But for creative people that dont want to spend time at home making salad all the time,
there are deals to get all the sterns of the tracks so you can put them at home in your blender and ‘remix’.
Or go and have a lovely day out and be featured in the next video clip of Djanan Turan; it’s a mighty good way to show your weird dance moves and promote your own handmade salad at the same time.
Don’t sit at home, go to every gig Djanan Turan & band will do in London and get the V.I.P. treatment.
You can bring a friend for free and both of you can bring salad, no body will keep the salad out of the venue.

^ Djanan Turan will makes sure VIP's will be allowed to bring their own salads

^ Djanan Turan will makes sure VIP’s will be allowed to bring their own salads

The options for this kickstarter are endless, and beyond the wildest dreams. You can support the EP and get invited for a private dinner with friends with lots of salad. English salad, Turkish salad and music salad!
You can get singing lessons from Djanan Turan which is not only fun for you, but also your close friends and family will be happy about that.
No more strangeling cat interpretations; beautiful tones like an angel will be coming out of your own throat.

^ Have singing lessons from Djanan Turan and no longer sound like a strangled cat

^ Have singing lessons from Djanan Turan and no longer sound like a strangled cat

Have Djanan with friend or a full band playing in your living room, or in someone else their living room. Get the place hot, tropical and on fire for a exotic music party!

And what about a fancy hat? Handmade hats by Djanan Turan! I know it isnt salad, but I’m sure she can make one that looks like one!
You will be the hottest salad hat wearer in the world and the EP and Djanan Turan will be closer to your third eye when you are wearing it.

^ Djanan Turan smiles even more if you want to be that special person who requests a handmade salad hat

^ Djanan Turan smiles even more if you want to be that special person who requests a handmade salad hat

So hold on… don’t throw away your cash.. stop tossing it out of the window..
You just might want to show some support and help kick starting this EP from Djanan Turan.
I’m sure she will be happy to make you the best salad you had ever tasted!
Here is the kickstart link for you to start kicking her EP:

For more Djanan Turan you can browse to her official website:
or visit her on facebook

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