Pablo Ribot and Chris Silver T. – Painful

Artists: Pablo Ribot and Chris Silver T.
title: Painful
cat: 0z091
keywords: experimental
label: ozky e-sound Netlabel

When you read the word ‘Painful’ you automatically think that something will sound painful. But actually listening to ‘Painful’ is actually none of the painful presumptions you might have upon seeing ‘painful’. Unless if you really get butt hurt when your ears are being served fine avant-garde jazz, as in that case you might indeed be in for a painful ride.

I’m not butt hurt of hearing avant-garde jazz and neither are my ears. In fact I think it’s the opposite of being painful, but I can understand that it is perhaps painful for jazz people that can’t stand abandoning the rules. Or perhaps ‘Painful’ is the conceptual mood that this duo is using to be inspired for their ‘painful’ collaborations.

The first track sound more mysterious than painful to me. It’s really nice and smooth. It makes me think of a pink panther episode in which inspector Clouseau walks around on its toes not to be seen in search for clues while leaving a trail of disasters behind.

The second track isn’t really painful either, it does seem to leave the pink panther avant-garde jazz and goes for a more experimental approach that even might be considered bordering alien territories. It gives me the feeling of being in a science fictional environment, something of a spaceship in which something creepy comes down from the ceiling or perhaps crawls in front of the hallway before us. It has this typical eerie sound that movies use to imply something scary is happening. But thanks to the synthetic baseline the creepiness is not getting creepy, but a more funny twist and feel to it. Perhaps the doom that awaits in this spaceship is just a silly banana peel awaiting a pair of feet to slip out over.

The third track is not particularly painful either, in fact this might be a mix of beautiful and dramatic. It’s a cinematic track, violins but no violence. It’s not your average classical movie music composition as these two fellows opted to go for fine surprises in between. Voices, effects, teary-eyed moments; basically just what you needed to calm down and enjoy while not falling into a sleepy daze.

The highlight to me is the last composition in which everything seems to join together for a modern masterful blend of jazz, futurism, energy, avant-garde power. It’s very cool and original and besides that it has certain perfection over it that works out in a solid way to entertain the brain and might invoke even some electrifying dance moves from spastic body-parts. Count up an epic ending at the end and the counter of YIKIS gives it 200 out of 100 stars for originality and class! This is pretty high up there…
Is it painful? Nah, it’s painfully good!
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1 Response to Pablo Ribot and Chris Silver T. – Painful

  1. jazztraveler says:

    Thanks for sharing and also elaborating your view. Interesting to listen to, although not my cup of tea. But trying some new stuff from time to time is important, I think.

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