The Tuesday Boys – Heavenly Meetings

Artist: The Tuesday Boys
title: Heavenly Meetings
keywords: experimental, comedy, devotional, office, r&b, electronic, pop, spoken word, Philadelphia
reviewer: Mark X

It is Tuesday today and that means that it’s a great opportunity to inform you about the ‘Heavenly Meetings’ by the ‘Tuesday Brothers’ as of course it’s excellent material to hear on such a day of the week like this. Next week would be fine too, or even tomorrow or the day after; but why not today?

Why you would ask? Well why not? I don’t know if it works out the way it worked out for me; but listening to these ‘heavenly meetings’ by the Tuesday Boys made my facelift face crack from smiling excessively. The Tuesday Brothers are not only equipped with music, they are also skilled in the humor department. The first track ‘I thought about a Monday’ is short, to the point and had the perfect timing to crack my Botox lips to a state of ‘need some new Botox done’. The trumpets are a tickle for the humor receptors, the other music paves way for the Tuesday Brothers to sing their joke on and when the song was finished I had to book myself in at the beauty clinic as the face just exploded from uncontrolled laughter. It wasn’t a standup comedian at work, but there was something so dry in this session of the Tuesday Brothers that it simply had me slapping my upper-legs like a donkey after inhaling a balloon of laughing gas.

The ‘I miss you boss’ wasn’t getting my face in shape any time soon. This song in which the Tuesday Boys sing that they miss their boss in a sentimental way made the knot behind my ear explode and my whole face sack into its whole wrinkled self. And the hilarious vocals in ‘hey Pete, did you fix my computer?’ reversed my effects of the previously done successful liposuction session. The last track was more serious, more as if the Tuesday Brothers channeled a music making version of the Borg. Don’t listen if you haven’t insured your face and are fully depending on Botox and a facelift.
Besides those technical warnings you could hear this little release by Tuesday Brothers over here:

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