Rasplyn – Scenes Through the Magic Eye

artist: Rasplyn
title: Scenes Through the Magic Eye
keywords: expérimental, ambiant, avant-garde, classical, contemporary, electroacoustic, industrial, neoclassical, new age, world, fusion, Tampa
label: Mythical Records http://www.mythicalrecords.com/
reviewer: Willem van O.

Honesty is what counts in real reviews. Together with the reports of impressions it is one of the basic parts that people are interested in to know next to a personal conclusion if the music reviewed is any good or not. Although the consumption style and taste may vary from listener to listener; the actual music can easily be categorized in two sectors: utter shit or quality goodness. In the case of this release by ‘Rasplyn’ it’s obviously a fit into the last category, but besides that; a difficult fit into the more normal genres. This is not your average album of music; this is witchcraft for the ears!

First things first as it always comes down with the first honest impression. When a request teleported my internet connection to this album it was greeted immediately by the image that happened to be the front cover. A woman, fierce looking, a wild attire that immediately turned into motion as a sword swinging warrior princess in my imaginary visual center of the mind. ‘I better write a professional and good review, as she might chop my head off’ a tiny alarming voice warned me subconsciously. And that’s why the exceptional exploration in professional reviewing and writing over here; thanks to the fierce image and a longing to keep my head on top of my neck for a bit longer than today.

The thing is that she doesn’t even need a sword, as reading about Carolyn O’Neill solo project named ‘Rasplyn’ it is clear that she has the magical powers that can just be transferred by her magic ray of words and the music that comes with it. No bloodshed, just elimination through art. Luckily ‘Rasplyn’ isn’t worth the fear of being chopped up killed by the sword or by her word as she expresses that she is one of the ‘good ones’. She uses her powers for the good and not for the bad. She is a energy healer and a Clairvoyant reader who uses her knowledge combined with her experience in classical composition to create her exceptional spirited music.

Being a Clairvoyant reader is something that is amazing and a handy tool in music composing as this gives a good opportunity for the artist to see and read its listener’s mind before feeding it her powerful music. In a way it is also like all that is unknown a bit scary as ‘am I really writing this, or am I under some kind of hypnosis ordered to write a review in such a elaborate way by Rasplyn? It is quite possible as a peanut brain is easy to infiltrate and see through, especially by a medium of this order.

Why is it that these impressions and facts take so much words away from this review? It is because it can’t be denied that we are not dealing with normal every day music over here. These tracks that you can hear on this album are like magic spells, which is of course amazingly interesting to hear, but I feel it deserves some warning too. A bit like a ‘explicit content’ sticker but than with ‘magic’ replacing the ‘explicit’. It isn’t the music you should play as background material, but the music you should really take the time for. The best played when your mind is focused and time is available; (I repeat) this is no ordinary music.
Rasplyn - Scenes Through the Magic Eye - Rasplyn_Scenes_Through_the_Magic_Eye_BackThe first song on the album is named ‘Circle Round’ which comes across as Rasplyn is gathering minds for a mass hypnoses to bring an appealing light to all the participants. The music has a mythical sound to it, but compared to most of the other tracks I found it sending out a very positive vibe. The mysterious yet beautifully expression of music and voice give way to a serene trip that feels like a outdoor session empowered by a Goddess.

Coincidentally or not; the next track is named ‘Priestess of the Goddess’. It is here in which a cinematic landscape of hidden culture becomes one. From dark undertones, hot mysterious vocal expressions, violins to a collection of bagpipes. This is the music that feels like a soundtrack for a movie that keeps you on the hot seat with trembling feet of not knowing what will happen next.

‘Treasures Drowned’ is one mesmerizing piece of organic sounding music. It makes me feel as a thematic morning stroll through a just awakened forest is being expressed in a beautiful modern classic composition. The air is full of magic and mystery, but it is of a warm, yet strong kind.

The fourth work on ‘Scened Through the Magic Eye’ is an intriguing sound work named ‘Open Door’. It is again a very cinematic piece of music, a piece you could visualize with your brain when hearing this story expressed in music. It starts fairly dark as if a fist slams a big framed door in all its intensity. But when the door opens the mood changes into a wonderful revelation of sound and feelings. This is a place in which the beautiful side of nature is expressed by the wonderful orchestra played by Rasplyn and her bewildering voice that blends in to do add to the magical music adventure.

An adventure that doesn’t stop as ‘Temple Moon’ will continue on a more darker scale. This sound has a very powerful feeling, something I would have imagined to hear when the warrior princess would chop her sword through the necks of any negative reviewer of this very spiritual toned journey of music. This track captures to me the moments of an offering in the Temple Moon which on one side is quietly terrifying, but on the other side a blissful experience knowing that we as a listener are seemingly not the ones who are being sacrificed to the moon.

What follows is a work named ‘Among the Stars’ which is a soundtrack that comes across quite different compared to the previous heard tracks. The essence here seems to be the darkness that hangs around the stars in the night. It’s the calling and mythical sight seeing of these stars that prevails within this strange texture of music.
A deep layer of rhythm can be felt interlocking with a animal heartbeat while Rasplyn in a state of trance dances in the moonlight a spiritual dance of which we ordinary people have no clue about. The magical thing is that the sound might appear dark, but comes across very hot…

The last track features a prominent deep base that got my speakers shivering. It is the earlier heard song ‘Priestess of the Goddess’ but now reshaped as the ‘Ephemeral Mists Remix’. Which would be the perfect remix to bring to an open part of a forest in the full moonlight and play loud so your body can hook in to its movements of mystical bewitching movements. I’m pretending to be a bird… How does this make you feel and express yourself?

With this remix the debut by Rasplyn has made its successful ending, leaving the listener strangely under some kind of spell by not only the magical words of mystery, but also because the charming mind hijacking of the cinematic cocktail of intensive modern classical compositions. Get yourself spellbound over at the following link:

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