Niek Hilkmann – Selected Film Scores (2012-2014)

MVC-2002LArtist: Niek Hilkmann
title: Selected Film Scores (2012-2014)
format: FLoppy Diskette
keywords: film scores, compostions, neo classical, soundtracks, avant-garde, lobit, spoken word, orchestral, floppy
label: Wrieuw Recordings

After a long day trying to gather nuts for the upcoming winter sleep, there is nothing more pleasant than curling up next to an old IBM computer and insert a brand new floppy in the floppy drive. Add to the comfort zone a pair of comfortable slippers on the feet and the relaxing movement of sipping a warm cup of grain tea. After a few relaxed clicks the content of the floppy has been found and it doesn’t take long before music comes out of the home baked computer speakers.

Nothing is more relaxing (next to soaking in a bubble bath) than soaking the ears in the warmth of that all time loving lobit sound. The joy especially expands when the original music has already a very warm feeling of itself what is it my ears are hearing? It sounds wonderful and recognizable.
It’s the first track on Niek Hilkmann’s ‘Selected Film Scores (2012-214) floppy. It’s the soundtrack for the lovely animation with the same name as the selected film score ‘Dodo Drama’. It is music wise a very human sounding composition. It’s like listening to a tribute that highlights the Dodo phenomena in a pure and almost innocent way. There is certainly the tone of drama captured in the soundtrack, but it is done in a way that it is a drama of a cute kind. The playful slightly sad main melody makes me think of slim tender fingers playing a mini piano with a heart full of love and respect for the Dodo in question.

The second selected film score is named ‘The Most Amazing Strangely Weird’, which I do not know the moving pictures off. This doesn’t mean that this wonderful piece of music composition isn’t enjoyable as it is colorful and amazingly weird enough to get the mind think up of visuals all by itself.
My feet dressed in fluffy slippers nod in agreement while the music fills up the reviewers’ room with a music that sounds very warm and quite strange in the best possible way. It makes my mind think of a colorful and amazing water ballet in which no humans are partaking but the dance is exceptionally performed by water showers dancing gracefully into each other. I expected people to clap when the film score had ended, that’s how intriguing the imagined happening became when matched up with this wonderful beautiful track.

The next selected filmscore by Niek Hilkmann is one that is of a slightly different order. It is best to keep the tea a bit on the table as the track ‘Marooned On A Desert Island’ is more intensive listening material. It starts with what sounds like a complete orchestra directed to perform a compositional situation of a ship being wrecked. We can hear a performance that sounds like a fall, a slight panic attack and perhaps a slight embracement of madness.
From here the scene changes as the music gets now a more close and personal feeling. A narrator of the story makes its entrance and interacts with a stringed instrument, while a music generated heartbeat keeps the attention span high and up. After the narrator drops the magical words of ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ another orchestrated panic attack seems to slide down the slide. This time it is short and not in vain. At the bottom of the slide the narrator picks up where it had left but now expresses the words of love while the music interaction seems to react positively to whatever is being said.

The last selected film score gives the time again to sip some more comfortable tea as it is good fun to try to swallow the delicious liquid with the deep heartbeat sounding rhytmn that the ‘Resurrection Of The Genius’ is bringing to this happy moment. This is a soundtrack that slowly but surely opens up and goes so very well with the feeling of warm tea warming up the body from neck to toe. A lovely warm ambient that sounds as if they are created by human throats that never need to grasp for air and can sing continuously until the end of time, is one of the more warm and pretty experiences on this pretty floppy. The slow build up and build down of the warmth and the prominent guidance of the heartbeat is one of a true relaxing kind; making the end of this release one that makes me feel as if we have landed back on the feet and can get rid of the fluffy slippers and finish the lovely cup of tea, as we have now enjoyed enough leisure time. Refreshingly different, warm and cinematic’ is what this cute floppy release by Niek Hilkmann seems to be all about.

If you want to make this pretty listening experience yours, you could either get a copy of this floppy from the Worm shop in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Or browse to the facebook page of Wrieuw Recordings and get in touch with the label owner for a copy of this wonderful leisure time friendly floppy.  (It is not yet available through the Bandcamp ways, so if you manage to get your hands and ears on it; you feel extra good!)

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  1. Linda says:

    So nice to hear and see, I just have no time to read everything atm 😦 Which reminded me of this lengthy, but very interesting, interview I could only read upto halfway:

    Weekend is peeking around the corner and the hot chocolate milk is singing like a siren in the midst of a stormy ocean. So I’ll have indept-reading planned, just could not resist a quick “yeuy, so nice!!” comment 😉

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