4lungboy – Becoming More Task Oriented

Artist: 4lungboy
title: Becoming More Task Oriented
keywords: experimental, Maine, hip-hop, noise, rap, Portland
reviewer: John Peel Potato Sessions

4lungboy might not only have four lungs and blue stuff around his eyes,
but also seems to feature a love for beats. With his single ‘Becoming More Task Oriented’ we can hear his focus on beat programming mixed with a mélange of other things I can’t seem to really put my finger on. It works as I had been playing it a few times on repeat to fully grasp what is going on. After letting the two short tracks grow in the basin of my head it becomes apparent that they are quite beautiful in a strange way.

It’s like listening to a raw diamond that is a bit like a potato that is beautiful on its own, but might needs to be peeled with a knife or the mind to really see the classiness of it. Hidden between and under the enthusiastic beat programming is what the professionals call ‘a melodic experience’.

4lungboy throws in piano like melodies and electronic stuff along with some vocal singing something along the line of ‘I’m so high’. High or not, sometimes it’s good to get a grip of yourself and peel that potato when it is still hot. 4lungboy might have started it, but it’s now up to the listeners to get more task oriented: Just pretend that the following link is your potato knife and behind the link is what you want to peel:

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