Mimi Kawouin – TruNy

Artist: Mimi Kawouin
title: TruNy
keywords: circuit bending, costume, diy, experimental, funny, improvisational, live, noisy
reviewer: Mark X

Mimi Kawouin brings a refreshing sound beverage of improvisational groovy Nuttiness named ‘TruNy. With the charming greetings of a welcoming visit to the famous street of Sesame; Mimi shows that he has a sweet side. Mimi invites us deep down in a damp sounding trash can in which a delicious setup of bended circuits is gathered along the walls. Mimi plugs them into the electric and showcases a fairly friendly rhythmic wonder world that gets the shoulders unblocked in swinging swings to follow up in the funky nutty grooves.

^ Mimi and a selective part of the inhabitants of Sesame Street

^ Mimi and a selective part of the inhabitants of Sesame Street

Mimi presses the buttons, twists them, steps on them and perhaps even penetrates them with a special rhythm stick. The result is one that attracts the cats from the local legendary street and the rest of their neighborhood as the friendly poltergeist knocking beats coming out of the trashcan are for sure something that will be heard partying around the block.  But without too much blabla this selection of friendly weirdness is also very enjoyable in pure safety from within this special trashcan. You don’t even need to fit yourself in to hear it all, as it seems that a microphone has been inside recording the whole Mimi live session for our lazy fat asses at home.

^ Ernie and his lrubber duckie

^ Ernie and his lrubber duckie

Mimi plays the squeaky bath duck of Ernie, provides a groove that Moondog the Viking would like to provide a violin on. The bass blobs are bringing the good vibes while an electronic bird telegraphs its buzzing farts up and down its own porthole. It is a nice gathering of something that sounds free, improvised and groovy in a small kind of way. If you are scared of humans or  the inhabitants of Sesame street, you might be at ease and in comfort grooving out in the trashcan (or at home) with Mimi and his fun music.

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