Jon Coop – The A-

Artist: Jon Coop
title: The A-
keywords: experimental, alternative, pop, idk, popindie, raw, Japan

Jon Coop’s album ‘The A-‘ is one unique exposure of a very young and pure talented singer doing what he does best; singing and having fun. Jon Coop wrote all the lyrics for the songs which sounds all grown up; covering topics from cheesy pizza, the therapeutic enjoyment of vinyl, soul-mates and violence that isn’t the answer. Jon Coop provided them with his soulful brand of purity, whit a warm technical skilled voice which most people (from the very young to the very old) will never ever hear coming out of their own mouths, this young artist seems to be the hope for the future. Amy Winehouse might even return from the afterlife just to hear this young talent filling up the speakers on a global scale.

^ The artwork for Jon Coop’s first single ‘Shaded’.

Jon Coop has the potential to be a house hold name that every family would love and adore, bringing issues with his songs that are important and all is being sung and expressed in a very pleasant warm playful way.

^ this is Jon Coop, take a good look as this talented young singer might turn into a house hold name

^ this is Jon Coop, take a good look as this talented young singer might turn into a house hold name

Most of the songs are voice only, but the young singer is strong enough to carry them alongside the ones that do contain backing music. As a music maker with no talent in the voice sector; this album will make you want to remix, add beats, melodies as together with the lyrics and soulful singing voice of Jon Coop every production will turn into something of brilliance. But before going in a producer’s frenzy; please do ask permission of Jon Coop as the songs are obviously a labor of joy and love. Check this album by this serious young singing talent out at the following link:

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  1. Linda says:

    Well all happy happy, but it has quite a plot twist with those last words ;D

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