No Peafowls – Knowledge Is Power (Demo)

artist: No Peafowls
title: Knowledge Is Power (Demo)
keywords: metal, black metal, no wave, noise, rock, noise rock
reviewer: White Rabbit

Hello people. I’m like that white rabbit who doesn’t have time for anything. You know watching the old fashioned wrist watch while running around acting busy with everything that hopefully brings some food on the plates in the rabbit household. So sorry if you are clicking here for updates and can’t find any, but hey Yeah I Know It Sucks!

So here is a quick review for a demo by No Peafowls, as it just fitted in my busy rabbit schedule. The first track is one named ‘Blood’ which is sounding quite special. Something that made me think of throat pastilles that people swallow to help a sore throat from a vicious cold. It also made me think of those horrible candy things named ‘fisherman friends’.. I can’t say the music sounded like having a cold or like fisherman friends, but I guess the singer his voice sounded as if his mouth had one of those pastilles / fisherman friends in his mouth and now grunts in a way that sounds fresh and cool. A perfect image for a special kind of advertisement. The rest of the music in this track? Sorry no time to talk about it, as I’m on the way to the director of hearts who has a reputation of chopping of the heads of rabbits that tend to be late.

The title track is ‘knowledge is power’ which also features the voice of this advertisement for a fresh breath. The music that carries this hero on top is a form of death metal that has a experimental element of noise inside. Together it comes across as something new and original, a new genre perhaps.

This perception even gets bigger when hearing the track named ‘Thorn’ which sounds very happy. Uplifting even! It is really strange if you keep in mind that this track has obviously black metal roots, but with its fresh breath grunts and squeaking termite noises and it’s happy sounding drums t sounds like more like a jolly good time at a abandoned fun fair.

The last track is ‘Stay Here (swans cover) and it must be said from a reviewing rabbit perspective; this is my favorite! It sounds the most bombastic, quite evil and it is here that I feel that I feel that No Peafowls are on its most serious shape and form. The idea of the fresh breath grunt is now moved to the background and the music becomes one of evil darkness. This time No Peafowls means it; there is no time to joke around!

Go and check this record out, and even if you have no time at all because you too have an appointment with someone who loves to chop your head off when you are too late at the meeting; still check it out. It isn’t too long, plus it did give my mouth a refreshing cool mint flavor. (Which saves the listener the time you would normally spend on brushing the teeth..)

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