SUMUPOSAUTTAJA – Puhdistuskasetti I

title: Puhdistuskasetti I
cat: STKZ029
format: cassette (limited to 50!) / digital
keywords: electronic, experimental, finland, sumuposauttaja, abstract, electronic, free loops, noise,

SUMUPOSAUTTAJA is the name that Sami Keinänen uses to make his extremely cozy and lovable music under. Armed with a fancy list of equipment: Yamaha PSR-48, Hohner PSK 20, Yamaha Electone organ BK-4B, Akai Head Rush looper, Ibanez DE7 delay/echo, Philips D 6410 cassette recorder, tapes & a radio; a beautiful and very lovable album has been made. You really should skip the review and just go straight to the link at the bottom to hear it all for yourself.. But if you want you can keep on reading how beautiful and lovely  it is..

^ a picture of SUMUPOSAUTTAJA hard at work

^ a picture of SUMUPOSAUTTAJA hard at work (click it and you will travel to a magical soundcloud account)

The first track comes like a calm wave of words that functions as a slightly odd introduction; especially weird if you don’t speak the language that people seem to speak in Finland and start to fantasize what is being spoken. This will be a continuous situation throughout the entire record as there are lots of words from Finland being showcased, making the fascination for the non-fin even bigger than it probably already was.  The second track named ‘Runttujaฬˆrvi’ starts with such a friendly sounding conversation between I believe a couple of golden oldies before setting in a friendly tune of lo-fi melody that comes across as warm and full of nostalgia.

Than another kind of audio tourist attraction sets in as a fieldrecording of Finland’s finest nature makes an great appearance to function as an introduction for a nice and pretty rumbling lo-fi rhythm, that than sets the base for friendly melody of slightly drunk origin. It sounds very warm and cozy, giving me the feeling of being welcome in a private setting. Drinking glue wine in a wooden shed, and a lid candle.. The feeling of being at home in someone else their private life is a feeling that stays until the end of the album, and definitely gets underlined in ‘Kati’ as it feels as someone is showing some snippets of culture on a radio with reception from the good old times in the Finlandish past.

A lovely moment of melodic exposure in all its sentiment warms every listener up when ‘Rythms of a secret life (Greek Hit Parade)’ present itself. More radio channels are being scored through and even gets a manipulated tempo treatment in which even Madonna is getting washed in the experimental friendly way; is a loveable exposure of old to new music discovery. The same thing might be said about ‘Atom heart mato’ although this is a part in which the music manages to completely hypnotize in a musical warmth that has a very up and happy flavor.  This happy mood gets a nice friendly finger-clicking feeling of sweetness in a micro tune named ‘Blinded by the sights’ which proceeds to make people happy in a speedy speed and even at a lower BPM. This is the stuff that turns sad people into happy squirrels: magically!

This pleasant vibe continues with ‘Ride your bike’ although it is here presented in a much more chilled out way; smiling and relaxing at the same time on this progression of pretty lo-fi friendly melodic experimental good vibes.  A great ending for the A side of the tape and a perfect beginning for the happy tape owner to turn it around and indulge in more pleasantness named ‘Con Fusion’ which sounds like a fusion of nostalgia, lo-fi melodic microfunk; A atmosphere that gets a sweet easy going swing in a absolute cozy form of music named ‘Oudot linnut’.

It’s like listening to music from a time long lost and forgotten with the hypnotic facets of modern day electronica; it’s an adorable and most lovable combination that music lovers of all ages would certainly fall in love with. And if you aren’t in love with this album by now, you will certainly fall in love when your ears get in touch with ‘Just Arrived – Pilvet kertoo sateesta lupauksen (Isokuovi, nokikana, punajalkaviiklo, varis)’; which is a most relaxing easy paced form of music that takes great use of the warmth that the lo-fi environment brings, together with the elements of more nostalgia. A very trippy form of lounge music that everyone deserves to hear one day or another..

^ the artwork for the must have and hear (very limited!) cassette release

A more party like track is ‘Visibly Clear + Burana Falls (Antakaa jaฬˆnnityksen kuumeen nousta, unelmanne voivat pian toteutua)’ which goes on the finger clicking micro funk train and gets even with its warm and muffled sound the mouse on the table dancing as if had won the cheese jackpot. This is most admittedly the best lo-fi keyboard sessions that my ears have heard for a long time, with its infectious wooden tempo sounds it really does the happy atmosphere justice. The music is so good that even Madonna comes again to check it out while she sings a song named ‘Fever’. The music track that captures this moment is ‘Boy Junior’ which is like a bubble gum pop of foam love. Super sweet and all sounds are in the pink color! After a last exposure of Finland’s finest nature the last goodbye music comes in and creates a lovable ambience to wish us all well on our journey.

Listen to this album if you are in drastic need of warmth, nostalgia, pretty melodies and all round sweet and pretty music! A recommend album for everyone who needs some good lovable feeling in their hearts and ears:

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