Vandalaze – Dog Jerk EP (STX 003)

Everyyyybody jeeerrkkk!

Everyyyybody jeeerrkkk!

Title: Dog Jerk EP
Label: Slimetrax Recordings
Cat#: STX 003
Keywords: Dog Jerkin’, Street Beatz, Retro, Electro-Industrial Jamz
Reviewer: Alex Barking & the Rude Pups

What up, Dogs? This is Alex Barking coming to ya live from the Dog House, Pooch Central, where we’re maxxin and relaxxin to the hip retro vibes of Dog Jerk! Awhooo! We’re about to tear the woof off the sucka, ya dig?!



First track off the EP is a klassik, no-bones about it. It’s ‘Dog Jerk’, and right away it gives you some wild sample abuse, a dense groove and these heavy 80s Fairlight riffs to really chomp your canines into! Blast it loud… but watch out so your neighbors don’t try to chain you up in the backyard.

Next up is a rad trakk called ‘Tubesville’, with a 4 paws to the floor beat, and it’s barking mad! It’s like a broadcast from a cyberwacko, interrupting your normal tv programming – I know you’ve been watching Animal Planet, and I approve.

So ruff, so tuff, it’s ‘Rubber City’! Thick bass stabs with a chunked up, meaty sample-driven rhythm, guaranteed to drive cats wild.

‘Fax Head Said’ growls in next. I had to go outside and howl at the moon, it was just that good. The grooves are catchy like rabies, and make you wanna dance! Just don’t scratch the couch while listening to it or you might get in trouble!

The final track is ‘Video Void’, which I remember from the Astral Data Tape compilation! It’s like when your owner is watching tv but you want to go out and pee on everything.

All in all, this EP is well groomed and gets your butt wagging like it’s full of fleas. I’m begging for more! You can get it at the link below while supplies last! See ya later, pups!

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2 Responses to Vandalaze – Dog Jerk EP (STX 003)

  1. Linda says:

    My 14-year old synth heart is in heaven today. But hasn’t this been mentioned on the blog before…
    search search search… ah yeah, the video!

  2. eRt.eP says:

    Just heard it, i need more of this music, i drug myself with it!!

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