Høly Vøid – )))

HOLYArtist: Høly Vøid
Title: )))
Format: floppy diskette
Keywords: ambient, Sci-fi, lobit, electronic
Website: http://holy-void.tumblr.com

The first physical self released floppy debut of Høly Vøid has just emerged after many years of work behind the scenes done by the experimental ambient artist. The result is a stunning science fictional deep music trip that you could experience without the discomfort of a NASA-like unpractical space suit.

The comfort of your home with a luxurious pillow as your imaginary spaceship will be enough to get yourself completely in the mood for this excellent adventure through a intergalactic interpretation of void that isn’t vøid. To add something to the sound experience it might be advised to blank out all possible sunlight and embrace a dark room with a atmosphere enhancing burning candle.

In this perfect setting the music of Høly Vøid comes out best, creating a ambience in which George Lucas would love to sit and write a successful completely new chapter for a Starwars movie before there was Starwars. It would probably tell about the void; about how the things got created in space, with special attention to the separation of the powers of the light and the dark side.

In the first chapter of music you can hear the pulsating pulse of creation, while mysterious slumbering melodic ambience sets the tone of something exciting happening on the edge of the force of light and darkness. In a strange way the underlying pulse has a gabber influence that even though being beatless has the feeling of a upbeat space manifestation. More accentuating special effects join this session which keeps its roots in the middle, neither sounding particular evil or the opposite of ‘evil’.

This first chapter is one that could be experienced on repeat, as it is enjoyable on a loop that could be heard until the end of times. But if that isn’t your thing, you might be visually pleased that the first piece of Music has a new scene of music named ‘vøid pt. II’ which follows a similar path in the adventure to enhance this holy space void of darkness versus light mysterious experience to the ultimate maximum.

The last work on this carefully crafted audio content of this floppy diskette is one named ‘Dresden 2.0’
Which comes across as a theme track that took the gained knowledge of the previous heard pieces to create a cinematic form of mysterious Sci-fi music. As a listener I experience the music as if it checks out the benefits of the power of the dark side as well as the force of the bright side. The melody goes from active and almost angelic in a stardust way, to much more deep in depth with encounters of bypassing flying black comets with a sinister magnetic attraction. It’s a very special trip to the inner system, almost a meet and greet with the sound of an alien consciousness.

Which side will you choose? The one of the green gremlin with big ears in a judo costume or the one with the black cape with asthma who might be your father?

This is a excellent floppy release that with its music content would certainly be loved by science fiction fans, experimental ambient lovers, electronica heads, psychedelic astronauts, Starwars weirdos, lobit and floppy fetishists and of course George Lucas. Get your copy now and explore this fine audio trip by Høly Vøid for a great inspiring space adventure:

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