Instagon – 6 6 6

Artist: Instagon
title: 6 6 6
keywords: 666, experimental, garage jazz, improvisational, noise-art, instrumental, jam band, noise, outsider, progressive, sound art, Sacramento
reviewer: Satanic Santa
label: Instagon

You better watch out, you better not cry..
I’m telling you why; Satanic Santa Claus is coming to to-hown..

Ho Ho Ho Ho! It’s me Satanic Santa on a lucrative freelance deal reviewing a certain album named after my telephone number. I know this might be a bit odd, but as I’m dealing with my fans for at least centuries now; nothing really amazes me any more with the good goof balls aka Satanic Santa worshippers these days. Ho Ho Ho!

As I have a lot of ‘shit’ to do (burning down chimney’s worldwide for a starter Ho Ho Ho!), I better get down to business. The highly paid task was basically to review this album based on my telephone number. I received it through a snowy sinkhole and came to me as a compact disc packed in a what humans would call a ‘beautiful’ digi-pack cd fodder with a clear ashtray. Printed on it is my personal number accompanied with a logo designed by my personal toilet slave of the future named ‘Lob’. Ho Ho Ho!

My copy came with a cute and handy sticker with again my telephone number on it, which would be of great use in case my memory would be overloaded and I need to call myself but can’t remember my own number.. In other words the package was not only practical but I also liked it very much visually. Come on give me some Ho Ho Ho!
In fact it is been a very long time someone gave me something original. Its most of the time Ho Ho Ho’s’ that come their way down to taste my Satanic Santa pole.

Music wise it was a surprise too. I was expecting the worst of the worst. But instead of giving what I was (for some reason) expecting, It became clear from the start that it was the best of the best.
The release started with a track named ‘Thee Descent Into Thee Abyss’ which sounded more like a journey into the portal that leads to the gateway of heaven. Without too much over reacting I really can’t remember ever hearing such a nice descent into any Abyss… This music… It was like lounge-jazz, something very relaxing and pretty smooth. I would love to see my Ho Ho Ho’s dancing to it..

It might be odd but it even seemed to tame my normally thrilled to hear hate-heart, up with something that is called ‘love’. It wasn’t really a laughing Ho Ho Ho Ho piece of music, but it was pleasant enough to be wondering who actually created this music complementing my phone number..

^ Don’t they look beautifull? I

After a quick look on the post-it that came with the paycheck I got for writing this freelance-review, it became clear to me that this pretty music is a live recording done in Oakland, CA in October at the Life Changing Ministry Clubhouse church. The players who made this music included members of NUX VOMICA, DEMONSLEEPER, MEDICINE CABINET, NOW MILES,TAO TARIKI & GARAGE JAZZ ARCHITECTS. It also happened to be the 666th performance of Instagon, which makes me realize that it is just a coincidence that it links to my personal phone number. A tiny bit of a personal disappointment, but ‘hey’ I can live with that..

But let’s spend some more time on the music shall we? After all they are paying me millions to write about it. The check will be cleared on upcoming Monday, and I already feel myself like swinging in a bathtub full of pennies.. with Ho Ho Ho Ho’s scrubbing my back..
The thing is with this album; it is really nice!
It may come across evil like me, but as you get to know me and this release; it becomes apparent that Satanic Santa and this episode of Instagon is one you can keep close at heart as we turn out to be pretty friendly. (If you are a Ho Ho Ho come down to my grotto for some pleasurable hanky spanky..) . The second track ‘Invokation’ is so nice; it just makes me forget that I’m writing a review as I’m just sinking away in this warm ambience of friendly relax-jazz. You can hear that these are musicians at work, who share a similar mindset for this performance; and it turns out pretty good!

I think that it might be a case in which the creators sold their souls to my roommate (I got this review deal through him) , in order to become great improvisational jazz musicians. A deal that played off well and comes even more to light in the piece named ‘Jazz For Satan’. But also the more dreamy sounding ‘Space Walk’ is very lovable. I just imagine myself falling asleep on my bed made out of Ho Ho Ho’s while hearing it.. That’s how comfortable the sleepy music is.. (the bed itself is rather uncomfortable)

I have no complaints hearing ‘Thee Sickness’ as it brings all the previous heard jazz vibes but with a more rock attitude that shakes enough to wake up my frozen northpole as if it is being aroused by a couple of Ho Ho Ho’s. It’s a pleasurable piece of music, especially in combination with such an action by these hungry well educated Ho Ho Ho’s.  The last track is ‘The Little Turtle’ which might refer to the nickname that my spies have heard in the outer grotto hallways by some ex Ho Ho Ho’s that spoke of my pole shrunk from the cold. It can happen to anyone, but to call it ‘The Little Turtle’ does book you a ticket to the deep sea of flames hidden under the matrass of my famous roommate.

But these musicians do make ‘The Little Turtle’ sounding nice and more into a complimentary word than something that devastate my ego as Satanic Santa. It’s a lovely track, something to get hypnotized by and feel in an all-forgiving mood… Something that I as the Satanic Santa clearly approve off in this December month; A time for niceness, mistletoes, burning chimneys, drive-by-shootings, unexpected telephone calls, dinners, jazz music and lots of Ho Ho Ho’s!
Get your own CD (if you are quick you too get a free sticker with my telephone number on it) by ordering yourself a copy at the following link:

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