Cousin Silas – Dronescape 022

Artist: Cousin Silas
title: Dronescape 022
keywords: drone, ambient, longform,
label: We Are All Ghosts 022

Next to Cousin Itt, Cousin Silas is undoubtedly one of the most popular cousins out there. Cousin Itt has its charming hair and lovely squeaky voice that conquered the hearts of so many, but Cousin Silas has the heart and the soul to create atmospheric ambient music that is of a great delight. The music maker is leaving a huge amount of beautiful and relaxing ambient music in the world, and anyone who hears it will appreciate their own functional ears much more than without.

Our favorite Cousin Silas has just like Cousin Itt even his own Wikipedia page; that’s how much his music output is appreciated & loved by the public. If you do not know your very own Cousin Silas, you really should make an effort and track him down on the internet or at your next family meeting (might it be Christmas or New Year?)

Or why not make a little family reunion together right now as we read? Nope, we didn’t arrange Cousin Silas here as a surprise guest appearance, but we do have a link to one of his releases that might be a good first encounter of many. Here is a ‘reaction’ that a certain person named ‘Ahn Ra’ wrote on the archive page of this release;

Here I was, bored to tears with my vast music library. I hit the archive, search ambient, arrange by date, newest first, and this comes up among many others. #22? Wow, beautiful, sublime, heavenly, and I could go on too. The best part is that this isn’t the only available work at the archive. My friends will be bombarded with Cousin Silas for a long time. The Dying Lights is also outstanding. Thank you so much.

If that aren’t the words written by a happy new listener, than what is? The music by Cousin Silas is indeed a great discovery if you hadn’t discovered it before. A never ending world of pretty ambient music will open up and you will always have some music to cuddle up in. Even if your relation with family members isn’t that great, you certainly will never have a problem or an argument with your very own Cousin Silas around.

This release is one that takes the listener to a lovely warm place, a zone in which the world goes on without you being in it. Not that you aren’t there, but the album is like the perfect hideaway to escape the busy life for at least one hour. Thick, warm drone ambient that charges and relieves at the same time. A great start to discover the music world of your own Cousin Silas, but also a gateway drug to many more Cousin Silas releases. Check it out over here dear nephews and nieces:

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