L.S.O. (Lost Soul Organization) – LD1

Artist: L.S.O. (Lost Soul Organization)
title: LD1
keywords: electronic, Anderson
reviewer: Willem van O.

Project Goal – “A series of electronic musical releases based on REM sessions and the lucid dreams therein I personally have experienced, and continue to experience.”

An album can be as short as one song. As long as 12-15. Anything in between. Each album represents a group, or single REM session(s), and each song a different dream. They might not all sound the same but each album no matter the length will be one nights collective unconscious. They may be dreams, but are heavily influenced by events in my waking life as well.

What a beautiful concept and what a great explanation of the artist. This is like the legal green card for everything that might be considered completely bonkers, being justified under this well thought about concept. I wonder what the artist inspiration was for the first tune on this release named ‘What I Saw’. If the artist sees what had been implanted in my head when playing it; it must have been a fantastic trip! This upbeat electronic music piece made me experience shining stars & pickled pickles singing in the sky on a happy but slightly high episode of being on some fine dose of a certain product named speed. My jaw hurts but it’s one big happy snapshot to a ravers meltdown while dancing without thinking.

But ‘1984 Dreamscapes’ must have been a golden dream of flotation that inspired this wonderful tune. As a listener I’m engaged in this as a weightless gravity defying bird flying all over and through these pretty electronic uplifting dreamscapes with snippets of real life adventures popping up here and there to join the sight of the flight. This is a tune, a theme, a episode of something that deserves thumbs up even from the unlucky people that do not have thumbs.

Another more down to earth dance track is ‘the betrayer’ which goes for a good vibe, one that makes me feel like a character from the eighties He-man series swinging around a sword as if it’s a light saber to make the blitz at every retro rave. (And if you don’t like it, my light saber rave stick sword might be hot enough empowered by the powers of the universe to separate your head from the rest of your disagreeing body). But don’t worry we might as well join our forces in a dance-off while embracing retro vibes in a track named ‘Fight’.

Or just jump on board of this electronic uplifting track named ‘obedient & lovely’. It is probably inspired by a encounter with a helpful angel of some kind, but it’s clear that the heart is pounding dearly and does it in a rhythm of love with a trance melody on top to get the euphoria flowing and going.

The last track is a one of a quirky kind and very strong in the melodic electronic sector; expect direct bubbly baselines and epic synthesizer sounds. This is probably the music of electric dreams, but as it is made in reality, you will have no problem to get these tracks in your own ears. In fact you will be able to do so when you check out the following link:

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