Various Artists – A Very Wrieuw Christmas Vol. 2

Artist: Various Artists
title: A Very Wrieuw Christmas Vol. 2
keywords: electronic, Christmas, Christmas music, covers, experimental, originals, pop, wrieuw, southend on sea, pop, synthpop, electronic, analog, cute, synthpop, retro
label: Wrieuw Recordings

One year ago I personally paid a Thai street cat a fish in exchange to write a review for a special Christmas compilation released and compiled by the lovable Graham Boosey of Wrieuw Recordings. I thought it would be funny as the street cat (The people call him Robbie) never experienced Christmas as in his neighborhood there are no such things as Christmas trees, Christmas songs , Christmas decorations and it has above all never ever snowed in his street. Last year this review by Robbie the Cat turned out to be a huge success, not only proved Robbie the cat to be a master of words, also he seemed to feel the Christmas spirit and enjoyed the fish very tastefully.

This year I wanted to revisit Robbie the Thai street cat and give him another fish in exchange for a review for this year’s version of the Wrieuw Christmas compilation. Unfortunately when I saw Robbie he was already eating fish, and had a whole stock of soon to be eaten fishes. Robbie wasn’t interested in reviewing this year’s compilation as he told me that he had found a way to earn more fish by actually joining this compilation with music. Flabbergasted that I was I went back home to check out the Christmas compilation myself and came to the conclusion that indeed Robbie the Cat himself had donated two tracks to this compilation.

Surprisingly Robbie was not only good in writing Christmas reviews, but he actually was also quite musically equipped. No wonder that Robbie the Cat had this pile of fish, as these pieces of music are certainly worth it. Robbie the Cat’s ‘Christmas in Thailand’ song is the first track on this compilation and seemed to capture a sweet flavor that would be nice to find under a tree; setting the trend of this compilation of one that could be defined as sweet and experimental, and probably a music gift that could be enjoyed all year around.

The second track named ‘Lasta Krisnaska’ by Voltmeter, really creates this wonderous atmosphere of something very warm, modern and bizarre. It’s a exposure of someone who knows how to handle samples, how to present a pâté of something that sounds very technical but also has the touch of a human soul inside it. Strange words, abstract talking, original programming mixed with warm ambient paths of a very experimental order.

One of the many personal favorites that my ears had enjoyed when exploring this lovely compilation is the track created by the Japanese artist Akane Hosaka. A very intriguing sweet piece of music that is one that warms the heart, simply hypnotizing it with love and melodies. This is one of those tunes that is of a magical kind, so kind, gentle and yet so strong. A great gift on top of the lovely album named ‘Loop Music’ which you can hear and obtain when you click me. (please do so; as its absolutely adorable music-wize!)

^ Akane Hosaka adorable albumnamed ‘Loop Music’ (click click click to hear the lovely sounds)

Also very lovable and lovely is the superbly sweet sounding tune of happy friendliness done by Bottlesmoker. It is named ‘The Rainbow Connection’ and has the structure of something that captures the innocent with a exclusive purity that tickles a smile. This smile is joined by a happy heart when listening to the relaxing and well made music by Adrian Lane who does a magical alternative version of ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ which sounds now like a lovable piece of music that could be enjoyed all year round even though it has the obvious Christmas roots. A very pretty and skillful song.

ArtGruppe with Diana Collier brings a song that is more tied to the December festival season. A lovely strumming guitar gets the good companionship of lovely angelic voices and the soft sound of sleigh-bells giving the rhythm of love. The singing is warm like glue wine.

It is such a blessing to hear ‘Snow Christmas’ by Caring Babies. The song has this unarming vibe of pure lofi-folk-keyboard-pop with excellent humane lyrics. This is a song that could be a life-tune for every morning of the rest of the year; something that you can play and feel instantly happy from. Something that also happens to me everyday when I play the very recommendable floppy diskette release by Caring Babies named ‘Another New Fred’ which can be heard and obtained here.

^ The Caring Babies ‘Another New Fred’ release (click to hear/obtain this wonderful floppy)

A very cute sounding Chapi Chapo brings a original track named ‘Bourgeon Tardif’. It made me think of Mike Langlie from Twink dressed in a Santa Claus costume. It must be the lovable toypiano sound and the warm unique melodic structure that simply is one made out of pure love. One that perfectly fits the comfort of sitting close to an open fire, being among loved ones but is also one of those beautiful music progressional tracks that could be perfectly enjoyed by yourself whenever and wherever you need it the most. The music builds up so nicely, growing towards the end and bringing in something that sounds like a Theremin to top this happy music off. Very lovely!

A different kind of music, but still keeping the super cute factor high up in the mood is ‘A Childs Christmas in Southchurch’ by The Blue Fruit Project. A song that is one of a hypnotic kind; warm and gentle hypnoses that makes me think of Robert Wyatt mixed with modern technology. The end is so magical it makes me feel as if the artist is using a magic carpet made out of audio to bring all the happy listeners on an adventurous trip to a world made famous by the story of Ali Baba.

The electronic dancing end from our little Arabian flight is the perfect start for the electronic chill out trip provided by Roaming Profile. The title is ‘Momento Mori’ and is based on an intelligent way of relaxing beat programming mixed with minimal, almost fragile sounding winterish ambient tones. It is a moment of total relaxation that you are able to dance on; even though it might be done in slow-motion.

From the strictly electronic the Wrieuw compilation dives into another pleasant extremity which is a work of pure acapella done by Waterflower. The song is very warm with pleasant vibrating voices twirling into eachother creating a pleasant relief of music named ‘Gulēja Saulīte’.

Another cute sounding piece of music is the synthesizer friendly retro version of ‘Stille Nacht’ by Dave Panter. It is a track that makes this from origin cheesy song truly listenable in a bright and light positive matter. My feet enjoyed the synthetic groove and hopped around obviously enjoying the analog retro sounds and the excellent cover.

^ this is the cover of Last years compilation which also featured the synthesizer music by Dave Panter

Vortex Scrape brings in a more improvisational sounding experiment of music named ‘We Three Kings’ which is a lengthy sound adventure that features heavy fanatic royal organ play. The kind fade out makes it as if a state of bliss has arrived paving the way for a lofi track by a certain Toxic Chicken expressing his love for everyone’s favorite ‘Last Christmas I gave you my heart…’ or not..

The Blue Fruit Project makes reappearance with a very relaxing time imagining ‘Christmas in Atlantis’. A slow rhythm but with absolute warm synthetic melody that triggers a certain sentimental mood. It sounds adorable as if sitting outside watching at the clear sky at night time while spotting falling stars.

Song For The Season by The Tumbledryer Babies is one that is exclusively made for this season. The song is sung in a pleasant way by a warm male voice and from a minimal begin, expands in a showtune in which it is easy to imagine a show ballet kicking long legs from right and left. A nice moment of classiness.

Robbie The Cat who didn’t want to write this review in exchange for a fish, because he was already paid so much fish to donate music to this amazing sweet and cute sounding compilation has the honor to not only open this collection of lovable music, but also to end it. The track is named ‘Having Christmas dinner with a Little Penguin and a Toxic Chicken’ and it sounds as if this is a dinner that you could also would be free to attend.

This year’s Wrieuw Christmas compilation is to me a very enjoyable one. A compilation that (with some small exceptions) is one not so much Christmas bound, but in general just as nice to hear all year around. If you are into sweet, lovely, cute music with an open mind than please do give this compilation a try as it is full of magical well-made melodic and experimental loveliness. I can’t imagine anyone not loving this compilation! Even Scrooch would like it as it is absolutely free! Download and enjoy alone or with the whole family at the following link:

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2 Responses to Various Artists – A Very Wrieuw Christmas Vol. 2

  1. Linda says:

    …maybe I can dig this xmas compilation…. just see if it passes the 10x on repeat within a week test… 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    10x repeat is a good test…I will try…

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