Sentidos Aquestos – Santo Clos

Artistos: Sentidos Aquestos
titlo: Santo Clos
keywordos: electronic, Christmas, cumbia, navidad, new age, televisawave, vaporwave, Monterrey
labello: Σшρτγ music
reviewos: Willem van O-os

Yeah I Know It Suckeros, but let’s go Mexicano for this wonderfullo releaso in the vaporwavios stylio. Amigo, are you readyio? Let’s beginios:
Santo Clos by Sentidos Aquestos brings us a fresh presento made out of audio asbestos. From the cheesios bestelost whishos for the festive seasios, till the cute hoves of a santo approvos donkey walkos on the roofios. The Christmos Seasos that is being played out here is quite absurdos.

It’s the vaporisos of Santos Closo’s favorite Mexican coveros in a way that the cheeseros could come squirting out of your nose from the stupidos taking the pissos, making the coockoo chrostmos songos even more weirdos than they already had been beforeo.

The resulto simply highlights the crazidos of it all, with a certain respectful disrespectos creating a completos new festivo Santo Closo albumos for the whole insano familios. Downloadio this at the followo cornholio:

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