Vate – Exotica

Artist: Vate
title: Exotica
keywords: ambient, big beat, electro, electronic, experimental, electronic, bass, cumbia, digital, downtempo, techno, Barcelona
reviewer: Mark X

Nothing is more exotic than the sexy exotica; a work that goes for fat baselines, pretty electronica that goes for a deep and high class effect on the inner ears. The melodic electronic music has this exotic groove that not only sounds very exotic, it does also come across as very erotic. The music, the excellent production and how it all melts together in a sensual groove is something that shouts ‘Quality’ in my ear. It isn’t a painful screaming; more a pleasant sexiness that comes out in the cool and yet hot track named ‘Excéntrica’ which brings a warm glow to the well styled electronic production.

It might be eccentric as it brings elements together of pleasant synthesizer work, smooth experimentation in the sexy rhythm and all round high quality production skills. Modern day pornos would be a great match with these two tracks as the background music (pumped up to the forefront) brings a classy element to the production; no matter how dirty the visual content might evolve on the screen.

The track ‘Porno Vector’ is one that fits this thought like a tight glove, feeding the ears smooth thick melodic techno-ambience that certainly would be a well match with sensual scenes of things going in and out; suggestive screenshots and blurry visions of modern day soft porn. It simply isn’t enough to film the hottest scenes with a flying drone; the music is just as important to improve the quality into something classy and modern. Vate’s Exotica delivers the perfect music; modern, great quality, amazing production skills with pleasant melodies and sexy grooves…

The last track named ‘Spexie’ is the one that sounds the most fun; it is definitely a happy party track, perhaps not so sexy; but some people make good money with a certain clown fetish. But in all seriousness ‘Spexie’ is more like a relief, a great tune to get the feet up for  dancing and perhaps just enjoying a good time after all the exotic erotica; simply have a good time without all the sensual tensions running around.  All in all a great well produced electronic release with big bass, downtempo’s and a modern exotic sexy vibe.

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