Silke Berlinn – Silke Berlinn EP

artist: Silke Berlinn
Title: Silke Berlinn EP
format: cassette tape / digital
Keywords:70’s rock, alternative, rock, diy, NYC, underground, experimental, lo-fi, post-punk, punk, rock’n’roll, singer songwriter, Poland
Label:Weakie Discs

Silke Berlinn brings a amazing energetic EP with fun lyrics written in a rock pop format to grind your teeth with. The first track is the strongest opener, delivering a song that would set Silicon Valley on fire in a hot rock anthem sang in a way as if we are standing in the middle of the hell of blown up digital bubbles of big time capitalism that sells air worldwide. Silke Berlinn guides us through the insanity of the place that functions as the headquarters for the likes of Google, Facebook and the industrial complex. Some people might call it hell, some have visions of evil nerds wanting to strip down your personal details and for others it’s a Vegas-like heaven. But whatever is your interpretation of Silicon Valley, the one that Silke Berlin delivers here is one that rocks my digital and non-digital socks! A great rock tune with a undeniable attitude of strength, cynicism and cleverly written song text.

DNA Lounge seems to be a place to go dancing, to unload your adrenaline and a heaven for expression by amphetamine junkies. I have no directions that will lead to this place, but Silke Berlinn delivers the vibe and a great story of this seemingly adventurous place. Her DNA Lounge captures more soul, but has a interesting tempo moving up and it wouldn’t surprise me if someone like Any Winehouse would be dancing on the table when hearing this song, or perhaps actually being in this serenaded DNA Lounge. Excellent stuff.

Silke Berlinn produced a smoking hot steaming tune called ‘City Lover’ , which has this instant vibe of coming down to the city and feel the buzz, the thrill of everything that happens in this tough, intriguing area. Silke Berlinn rocks with passion complimenting this rush that the city brings if you are a city lover. It can be a dangerous place but that adds to the thrill and if you have just a small snippet of the attitude of Silke Berlinn you will be absolutely fine and having a great time exploring life to the fullest!

The last track ‘Disco Nazi’ is taken out of real life, taken from the seedy side of drugs, rock n roll and the life of a trigger happy out of control disco nazi! This disco nazi shoots up but has the amazing skills of bringing a amazingly real song with a punk pop rock attitude that simply makes this insane life style into something very desirable. Great freaking music in which the strong personality of Silke Berlinn takes complete control and will amaze everyone with her talent and realness. Stay away from the needle as this EP is pure dope!

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  1. thanks Farmazione

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