nnaai – hdphnswrshp

artist: nnaai
title: hdphnswrshp
cat: Eg0_129
keywords: drone, minimal
label: Eg0cide Productions http://eg0cide.com/
reviewer: Arno van der Kwaak

Sometimes a drone comes close to the concept of a tone. This minimalistic drone release done by a Italian artist named nnaai is such a thing that borders this tone drone zone. The first track is perhaps a drone but it is also a tone, and as this; it’s sets also a tone for the complete digestion of this release.

The tone drone doesn’t really contain a pulse but is just one long progression of slight tone changes within the tone drone. It is indeed a very minimal progression through this tone drone zone and it made me wonder who exactly (besides us (dear readers) and the artist) listens to this kind of thing.

It is nice though, not at all a bad experience.. It’s just a life question that came up; who listens to the drone tone zone? What are the regular fans of this genre look like? What do they eat? Do they also enjoy unplugged cables and background noises, or is it just the finer drone tones that row their boats?

I have to say the drone tone zone progression captures on the first track is indeed much better than listening to silence, and much more appreciated than the high buzz of a television on standby.

The second track is more than twenty minutes in length and follows a similar concept. I must say that my ears like this drone tone zone much more as it sounds more deep, focusing on the lower tones and the way towards the end seems to me more varied in simple tone changes and minimal experimentation.

It’s a bit like reading a sterile book that has no real story to tell just words printed on a paper; listening to this lengthy tone drone zone part makes me see the hands of the artist softly and slowly turning buttons like a conductor that directs it’s own orchestra that consists of a single tone drone with precise care, but made on the spot.
If that is something that you have an appetite for, than be free to download this release for free at the following link:

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