Whiskah – BeetZ

Artist: Whiskah
title: BeetZ
keyords: experimental, trip hop, boom bap, chill, Portland

At first sight it wasn’t love, but on second sight; it was a firework full of it! The discovery of BeetZ by the groovy Whiskah was one to shout out of the windows in order to spread the word that wickedly good groovy music had been found once again!

But no time to scream as the tracks laid out by Whiskah are of a supreme order in which minimalist will find their heaven in the pure necessity of the groove. Groove is a word that can’t be written down enough in this review, as this is what BeetZ seems to be all about. That and minimalism, only giving the melodic needs and tiny extras to stimulate the instant movement of the body in pure excellence.

From pretty acoustic loops, to low-key keyboard artifacts and tiny additional samples that are only there to put more groove on the groove, are the simply irresistible ingredients for a good day dance. Most important are the drum loops; but it is this perfect mix and match of everything together that makes this EP in one of those instant hotties on the chart.

Thanks to the minimal but excellent approach of groovy music there is even some space left for some stolen words, rearranged and restyled as a ‘poop’ saying rapper in the final tune named ‘blood devil’ which might as well be a underground trip hop hit single.

If laid back grooves, minimalism, hot loops, and trip hop *poop* is your thing than you will probably love to scream ‘eureka!’ out of the window when exploring this BeetZ by Whiskah. Tune in at the grooves over here:

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