Magnetone – NP

artist: Magnetone
title: NP
cat: MBRZ-229
keywords: lobit, audio art, noise, minimalism, experimental
label: Microbit Records
reviewer: Leo Obit

They cut off the electric, but not the internet.

You take one finger and than you’ll eat the whole hand.

It is never too late for an golden oldie.

Ah, hello again and welcome at Yeah I Know It Sucks. I was just sorting out some wishful sayings, but thought it would be good to take a break and tell you about Magnetone. Unfortunately I do not know much about it other than a email address and that it is one artist from a place that formerly was the Soviet Union.

However being in the dark with minimal information about this artist, the release which dropped four years ago has made a huge impact on the weird part of the internet. Instant cult fanclubs formed with fans in dying need for information hopelessly searching in all possible corners except the right ones.

Now reliving the moment by traveling back to this release, it still kept the age of time at bay as an album that for its half an hour in play length still has ‘it’. People nowadays call ‘it’ the Underground factor, or The Face of the Underground, The Voice of Underground, The Underground Got Talent..

Many titles, but they all have Underground in common. A reference that is indeed correct as this release would probably never have seen the light of day in the upper world. The cult fanclubs from four years ago have all dug the holes to get closer to their idol, but as fans tend to ruin the underground status; the artist stayed put and in hiding.

No new Justin Bieber to go and ask for a autograph, no media whore dressed in a dress made out of chicken soup for the gossip press to munch on; this underground artist stayed away from the instant fame and the impact that this album had on the internet crowd.

Now in 2014 people have moved on, cult fans abandoned their hunger for the real life human identity of the artist, in fact the release that started all this madness looks in the nowadays quite the lonely and lost antique. That’s why today I thought to stop sorting the ‘expressions and sayings’ for a bit and dust off this forgotten Underground ‘It’ release.

If the content of this 2010 release will make another big impact today after us dusting it off and polishing the link to find it; is doubtful. People in 2014 moved on, they listen to the “new” Aphex Twin, not some vague experimentation with emptiness, cute sparkles, scribble rhythm & noises, distortion, experimental sounds and scientific grown bagpipes.

But this is the roots, this is ‘It’. This is, was and will be always the real winning underground factor; the music that never was, the stuff that isn’t vaporized before, not sampled for a production of mega rappers;
a release hardly touchable and yet such a winner.

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