Frontyards – ¿Adónde Vas?

artist: Frontyards
title: ¿Adónde Vas?
keywords: alternative, Philadelphia, smooth jazz, garage rock, indie, indie rock, rock, normcore, sfw,

The great thing of little children is that they always speak the honest truth, same thing can be said about drunk adults. Hello, I’m your drunk adult reviewer. Reading is a problem (as I see everything double at the moment) but the ability to write seems to be alright.

I think to be drunk enough to review in a pure en honest matter a requested new single. Expect honesty, wooziness and bad breath coming from the typed text. So who’s the lucky (or unlucky?) artist?
That’s a good question as how can I read information if everything is viewed double?

[half an hour later]

Ah, here I am again. I’ve got good news. I managed to get the name of the project that my ears are listening. It is one named ‘Frontyards’ and the single name is ‘¿Adónde Vas?’. Now the most important thing of a review can prevail: honest opinion!

The song comes across as if I’m in a back yard and a band is playing. It’s evening time, a warm temperature and there is free food and drinks. A nice garden party really, and with this band playing in the background the vibe seems to be relaxed and fine. The music is not disturbing or in the face; but goes for a relaxed summer garden at night time atmosphere.

The sound engineer might have been munching and sipping on the free drinks too as the music seems to be not consistent in volume; sometimes it feels as if the overall sound is being faded which creates the feeling that the song finishes, but does not go for the dandy fade out option.

The most important thing that my drunk but honest ears picked up is the similarity of the chords in this song to the one from a song out of ‘Jesus. It’s A Musical!‘. To proof this to you: here is the song/ video that sound like a close family member of this song:

And here is the magical link that leads you to the single that I was supposedly to write about in this state of drunken lunacy. Have a listen and hear the accord similarities  between this song and the one in the video above. Test can be done in sober state of mind as well:

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