Graffiti Mechanism – In vitro

artist: Graffiti Mechanism
title: In vitro
keywords: old school techno, techno, electronic, lobit, electronic, edm, retro, house, dance, melodic, melodies, the best
label: 20kbps

At family orientated days like today it is a great idea to visit the mother…
No.. No.. Don’t worry, not your mother; but the mother of Lobit: netlabels : 20kbps.
Don’t expect cheap candy, boiled eggs or any out of date cakes as this mother is hosting the hottest stuff in the world: A brand new album from the official lobit king ‘Graffiti Mechanism’.

The album (named In-vitro) consist of 7 excellent tunes that have quote:
a coolness factor much higher than everything in the past’. The music is definitely rooted in the old school techno side of the electronica world, but it does have much more sides and shades that shine through coming from this master producer. The release starts with a iced up cool as f*ck ‘Winter Reboot Graphics’ which is a dance track that simply is contagious in groove, bass and smooth extras. The music is incredible hypnotic and is impossible not to dance too; something that in this case will make you probably look like the coolest person out there as this techno is the shit to get excited about! Cool, edgy and laid-back while unstoppable in movement!

The second track ‘Brutha’ is a very different side of Graffiti Mechanism,
as a devoted follower it is clear that the artist has a love for hip hop and rap, but next to a never released rap-tune i’ve managed to sleep with under my pillow, I’ve never heard a more underground hip-hop tune coming out of the secret Graffiti Mechanism Toledo music studio like this one. It’s very grimy, very underground, clipped, glitchy bro-music for the warm hearted friends!

Than the master producer showcases his amazing hypnotic skills in ‘Midwest underground techno initiative’. A amazing underground techno track that has the gingersnaps up front and a very excellent contagious deep bubbling mellow melodic acid flow going on. It’s the music that gets your head bouncing and the mood up in a unbeatable grooviness. This is the music of a master electronic techno producer who is so underground that he keeps true to his roots and clearly is the ultimate best in the entire world without a ego standing in the way; this is the best freaking techno music in the entire universe!

the 20kbps label owner is a big fan of the tune named ‘Donda’ which is a very pretty melodic hypnotic deep electronic dance tune that is beautiful at all sides and shapes. Deep beats, deep synthetic melodies that twirl in the air creating a heaven on earth for good old school techno lovers. This is perfectionism at its finest, perfect melodic tricks, breaks and simply an example of dance music that comes from the heart. 20kbps dares anyone to find a track cooler than Donda.. It even goes so far by daring you to find one in the whole fucking history of music. How he drops that slow beat, almost divine. Hail the king of us underground techno..

Trust me, when hearing this album, you’ll be too hailing this underground hero and music maker as this is the stuff you will love to bits! And the album isn’t even finished as another tune named ‘Imprint’ makes way for a very upbeat deep house groove that has a supreme warm loving feeling over it. Everything about it seems to speak out the vibes of love, warm deep bass wooziness, hazy melodies and a pounding unstoppable beat.

‘Moonshine’ takes it more laid-back, again very pretty and much more woody and melodic. Such a great exposure of synthetic melodies and friendly coolness. This is the music that would go perfect with a cool beer on a hot summers day breeze. Very chill, intelligent and so… pretty!

The album goes out with a hypnotic retro techno seduction that simply hypnotizes the listener in a most desired dance trance that is one of total bliss! In agreement with the label: this album is the best oldschool melodic techno album in the entire history! And you know what? Because Graffiti Mechanism is the coolest producer in the world: this amazing album is completely free!! Hear this and know that this is ‘It!’:

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