Fresh Water Girls / Sissisters

artist: Fresh Water Girls / Sissisters
keywords: experimental, noise, harsh noise, Canada
label: Girl Tapes
reviewer: Simon Hit

Fresh Water Girls are presenting a sonic attack for the ears in which the imagination could picture the ‘Fresh Water Girls’ slaughtering water. It doesn’t happen every day that we hear such a thing and trust me ‘slaughtering water’ sounds much more dangerous to the hearing systems than someone potentially would think. The water slaughter starts quite easy with the useful use  of fieldrecording but quickly turns abusive to unexpected thirsty listeners who just came here to drink some refreshing sip of water.
The water that is being slaughtered over here is not recommended to drink in any way, but does have the power and ability to get rid of every song or audio cheese that might haunt you from external sources. It has a temperament that absorbs all other sounds and the water itself does seems to be perfect material for a noise set that prepares the speakers for a much harsher sound attack.

This harsh noise session gets served by Sissisters and provides the hiss and the harsh distortion that feels like a walk in the open while in the middle of some hard sound storm. It will certainly mess up your haircut when sitting to close to the speakers, or (if wearing headphones) might rinse the brain that it feels as if  it is being flushed by a strong blow of sandpaper winds. Strangely the noise expressed over here does sound more refreshing than the earlier slaughtering water session by the Fresh Water Sisters, but as a combination the slaughtering of water and this harsh hiss noise set named ‘soft need / soft power’ does feel like a perfect cleansing combination. You might not be able to hear anything else after this, but hey; silence might be a beautiful thing.
Try this harsh noise split out at your own risk:

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