Pretengineer – EP for the Holidays

artist: Pretengineer
title: EP for the Holidays
keywords: Christmas, christmas songs, alternative, experimental, holiblaze, x-mas, dirt, holiday music, noise, zero input, Syracuse, midi
reviewer: Willem van O.

If you can’t afford the Christmas sale sometimes there is no other option than do the dirty job of stealing. The Pretengineer stole midi files from, but kept the Christmas spirit close at heart by remixing them and adding sensitive vocal performances. The restyled stolen goods are now a gorgeous new thing that just like Santa Claus herself; gives away for free or for a price!

The Pretengineer is in that case a bit like Robin Hood, a thief who gives back. But unlike Robin Hood the Pretengineer doesn’t discriminate between rich or poor; everyone can enjoy this EP for the Holidays. Rich people who still want to show off their money can buy it for a self named amount,  and others less fortunate can just fill in a ‘0’ to get the EP for free.

Hits like ‘Silent Night (Silent Nacht)’, Santa Baby,
Baby its cold outside & Do you hear what I hear?
are all here to add to the Christmas atmosphere.
Entertainment and joy for the whole mentally insane members of your family.
Get your alternative festive soundtrack over here:

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