tooth_eye – Stocking Stuffcore

artist: tooth_eye
titel: Stocking Stuffcore
keywords: breakcore, experimental, sound collage, break core, Christmas, digital hardcore, hardcore, plunder phonics, speedcore, Chicago, tooth_eye, x-mas
reviewer: Willem van O.

Jay Schizoid supports the one and only tooth_eye by noting down that he is the best artist in the history of recorded music. Yeah I Know It Sucks supports his latest release consisting of previously released winter holiday songs by presenting it here for all to see and hear.
The legendary tooth_eye titled this collection ‘Stocking Stuffcore’ and if you find this stuffed inside your stocking you’ll be probably into some good time with breakbeats, experimentation, nicked voices, mentally charged speedcore and of course entertaining stuffcore that will make (or break!) your Holiday season.

The song ‘Santa Brutally rapes All The Naughties With A 18 Strap-on Covered In Red Onions Grown By Legless Autistic Nazie’sions (feat Kkrusty)’ is one hell of a Christmas cracker. It’s is flaming hot stuff that will get the Christmas trees on fire, chopped up and many elves spontaneously combust into Christmas dust for father Santa to snort. This collection of experimental Christmas breakcore is worth the  ‘hallelujah’ and will be appreciated by the Grinch and other green smoking speed freaks. ‘Like Every Other Amuurikan Holiday, If You Celebrate It You Hate The Red Man‘ is aggressive enough to revive the Christmas turkey to stuff the ones who wants to go and eat it.

The track ‘Aoi Yuki’ brings the whole crew of mental patients in a state of excessive dancing while machine gun beats shoots at the feet to get the best  insane moves going.
The theme of Christmas is shining through and is bearable while hardcore kicks break the Christmas balls and tracks like ‘X-mess Rocakbilly Hellfort‘, Butt Ravage, The Elves, Pretend They Are Trap Lolls, will change every holy silent night in a ‘Harsh Night‘.
You can’t say that ‘All I got For X-mas Was just a shitty break core track, as santa tooth_eye provides 8 of them!

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