Obsolète Broadcast Système – Carmen and the faceless future

artist: Obsolète Broadcast Système
title: Carmen and the faceless future
cat: {L0BIT12}
keywords: dance, electro, electronic, sci-fi, science fiction, cinematic track, experimental, future, synthesizer, lobit, low-bit, energy, space
label: L0BIT http://l0bit.wordpress.com/
reviewer: Leo Obit

The electronic underground music done by Obsolète Broadcast Système is one of a kind, keeping a very raw feeling to the undoubtedly outburst of on the spot created energy and creativity. With many underground hits in the controversial lobit zones of the world wide internet corners, his reputation seems to grow and grow like a plant from jack and the beanstalk.
His latest release is a futuristic science fictional piece of music that keeps listeners entertained by providing this raw energy in danceable future flavor, that at the same time can be absorbed as a listenable soundtrack for a sci-fi movie with retro accents.

Robots, faceless faces of law and disorder, a woman named ‘Carmen’ dressed in a glitter costume with hair waving in the wind and a mechanical heart; the movie is up to you to imagine, but the soundtrack is as good as it gets!

Kick ass baselines, full  voluminous synthesizer works,  amazing fatness in sound and flow + those edgy moments of pure imaginative experimentation.
Everything seems to work in this release, and it’s just up to you to wear some futuristic piece of spandex and a upside down fish bowl as a helmet, to completely dress to impress the sounds created by this wicked underground producer.
This is raw, electronic, sci-fi lobit at its finest:

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1 Response to Obsolète Broadcast Système – Carmen and the faceless future

  1. Linda says:

    Hey, all best wishes for 2015!

    Nice to start fresh with this tune (randomly chosen from all I’ve missed while being offline)! At first I was a little disappointed that it concerned just one track of a mere 13 minutes but and hour later I realized it still didn’t bore me at all (having VLC on auto repeat by default here).

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