Qz – Fabelandia

Artist: Qz
title: Fabelandia
keywords: rock, rock n’ roll, experimental, garage, rock pop, progressive, pop, Hollywood
reviewer: Willem van O.

Qz seemed to have succeeded in finding a song for singing along, something that has found content that everyone can relate to; bearded candy. The song in itself is done in a way that brings to mind a picture of old school yellow submarine travelers ‘the Beatles’ and odd out of their minds opera lovers who can be seen holding tongues together in a cloud of green weed vapors. It has a seventies feeling, which is a nice fit while wearing wide piped jeans.

The feeling of the seventies seems to be drooling through the complete EP, although the first track is also the strongest on the weird factor. The other tunes are more sunny & rocky without the complete out of the mind ‘I’m a walrus’ feeling.

The vocals and the rest of the music is good for a hippy-esque sideways party and would be even better enjoyed when a couple of wine bottles are opened and you and long haired friends dance around while emptying them. It’s the music that gets flower dresses twirling, compliments the daisies in the hair and brings a happy atmosphere of Stoney Maloney rock that isn’t being disturbed by a Yoko Ono squeaking like a cat.

It’ s not spectacular or groundbreaking but certainly a happy new age hippy in the mood for a little party in the garage would be happy spinning these fine fluffy flower songs to real (or imaginary) wine drinking / green loving friends..

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