Various Artists – Closing the Year

artist: Various
title: Closing the Year
keywords: techno, house, music, 2014, creative commons
label: Betanol Records
reviewer: Mark X

The year of 2014 has looked better, nowadays this years hairs are not just getting grey but are simply falling out. A larger than life pair of hands has been pushing 2014 around in a wheelchair but at the end of this month it is certainly time to let it go.

Big minds have come together in how to get rid of 2014, but the predictions are that the year is going to be rolled up a cliff and simply dropped with wheelchair into a volcano. The big minds will not slip the locations of this last resting place for 2014 from their tongues in fear for retaliation; but as 2014 was not a very popular one nobody really cares when it is not around any more.

Still not everyone is bad minded enough to just kill the year off in such a low key fashion. There are some people busy working on ‘end of the year compilations’. It’s a thing that seems to come back every year, a bit like the Christmas compilation but than more ignoring the cheesy Christmas vibes..

The label ‘Betanol Records’ has recently released such a release. A compilation that comes across as a bit of a last meal for 2014, something for the old year to dance too even though it has been lately confined to a push chair with wheels. The pusher behind the wheelchair might twist the chair on wheels in some fabulous techno moves as that’s what this little party feeds the old year’s almost demented ears.

The compilation starts with the easy going techno house sound of the classic days. A minimal house stab and the very familiar base-kick in a four by four rhythm and more reunions of this kind within the track named ‘Suck My Balls’ done by a certain 6DEL.
It might take us back to already deceased years in which these kind of dance tunes were of a modern and futuristic kind; but now it’s more like listening to a classic that gives a good recognizable pounding for a dance of dance-recognition.

The second track (9192 – Without Exit) is of this kind, but does sneak in some old school techno skills that come from the early days in which this kind of music was still of a fun and experimental order. The year 2014 will certainly be pleased to hear the shaker shaking, the distorted base kick kicking and the claps clapping while a nervous techno loop whoops all the way through it. Try to sit still you old wank’ the producer must have thought when donating this track to this goodbye 2014 compilation.

Asedub’s Betanolizer is one that goes for a straight to the point dance rhythm with schizoid dark psychedelic flavors. It’s not very melodic, truly leaning completely on the locomotive techno beat and cold industrial soundscape that seems to keep the pounding companionship.
There is a break somewhere that has a nice schizophrenic effect when it locks strangely back with the rhythm and this ordeal made me think that this might be the music 2014 would hear when the wheelchair with 2014 seated in it will be thrown into the volcano pit. It’s worth the panic attack.

The tune by ‘Experimental Society’ brings back the happiness; a jolly electronic dance track that has this vibe of something that is as classic in the techno sense of the word. It has this mental melody that repeats itself on loop while slightly changing the situation into one of a feel good rave hit. This is the stuff that would suit a happy smiley face, as this is the techno loved by all who witnessed the uprising and will satisfy the searchers for these classic tunes made for the dance floor. If 2014 meets it’s fatal end at the end of the month it at least earned a good time while listening to this tune.

But the most crucial is the last track (KONTROL273 – A^+B) on this compilation of goodbye tunes. The person whose task it is to throw 2014 in the hot lava might be careful as this track might change the mind of the year and will fight for a extension of its life. This is the power of old school dirty acid techno, always making the old feel young and full of life again. You might want to try it as even if you aren’t 2014, you can still enjoy the techno music over here:

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