Vitamin Wig C – Anal Yoga

Artist: Vitamin Wig C
title: Anal Yoga
keywords: experimental, comedy, Los Angeles, California
reviewer: Willem van O.

Vitamin Wig C’s Anal Yoga has the keywords of experimental and comedy, but even though the artist name and release title might bring a smirk on some faces; the actual music sounds as serious business.

Perhaps it is because (as we all know) Anal Yoga is a practice that isn’t a laughing matter; it’s something that takes up a lot of time and dedication. It’s a form of Yoga that needs full concentration as without things might be go wrong in an awful way. Vitamin Wig C’s music is the atmospheric ambience that gets the analogue muscles of the anus relaxed and warm; a perfect audio lubricant praised among professional Anal Yoga instructors.

The track named ‘huge swan’ is mostly used for the warm up, making the anal tunnels flexible and ready for the Yoga practices. The other piece named ‘ Sonya Transports’ is more proactive and stimulates the Anal Yoga participant to do culturally stunning forms of squeezing, expanding and entrancing the anal muscles. It’s a bit more for the professional Anal Yoga people whose skills can be compared to cirque de soleil acrobats but then focused on excellent movements of the inside of the anus.

Strangely to write is that even though the practice of Anal Yoga might not be recommended to everyone, the music that could be of good use while going for such a session might be perfectly hearable without any interest in this trendy health trend. In fact; you don’t need to do Anal Yoga to enjoy Anal Yoga by this Vitamin Wig C, just a pair of ears and a okay attitude would be fine.

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